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Introducing: Show N Prove

Friday 04 April 2014

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Words Ailis Mara

Show N Prove, the Scottish born, London-based alt-beat maker takes on a new form of music mastery with ‘If Only’ Ft. Shakka, released this week.

Spinning sounds which remain unique in a house and dance landscape which is easier to blend into than to stand out of, Ellis Taylor aka Show N Prove, keeps a distinctly urban edge to his compositions, thus divulging into a new realm of music mastery, one in which he delivers sonic inspiration to each and every listener.

Having grown up in the heart of Edinburgh, Taylor’s DJ career stemmed from a fascination with his mum’s copy of Wu-Tang’s seminal debut, ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’ and her boyfriend’s decks – all at the tender age of eleven. Having previously worked on production with artists including Jessie J, Foreign Beggars and Sway, it’s clear Show isn’t new to the music scene, he is just new to the spotlight and ‘If Only’ is his first foray into an artist project. Now working with everyone from Wiley to Professor Green, Wretch 32 and Jacob Banks, on both their albums and his own debut record, Show is ready to make the transition from behind the scenes composer to an artist in his own right.

So after years of successful producing and beat-making for established artists, Show signed as a solo artist to All Around The World last year, starting out with the high octane, Jamaican flavoured ‘Zimma Frame’, Ft. Takura. “I think that was a strong step in asserting myself as a solo artist, rather than a beatmaker or producer,” says Show. It was this track which demonstrated his ability to create a curious and unique blend of club, trap, dubstep and rap, whilst elements of his hip-hop orientated background still shine through.

“Hip Hop has so many other genres within it, so it’s very freeing to create with,’ says Show. “You can make things soulful, jazzy, pop, trap-y or straight up club. Hip Hop is, I guess, the basis or where I begin, but it’s not always the end result. My main objective in the studio is to make music for people to dance to, whatever form that might take.”

His latest track ‘If Only’ Ft. Shakka is a continuation of the Show n Prove mentality – a classic ‘70s breakbeat seasoned with Shakka’s smoother-than-syrup vocals, a multi-lateral offering which reaches out far beyond the prescribed audience. It is for this reason that the last few months have seen Show’s tracks spun frequently on Radio 1, with Zane Lowe announcing that show is one of his “favourite producers in the business”.

You can catch Show N Prove at The Great Escape Festival and at Reading & Leeds, or you can watch the video for ‘If Only’ below.

Words:Brooke McCord