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Preview: E4’s Party House

Tuesday 15 April 2014

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Words Darren Skene

Party House: an inviting name for a new TV show, which proves E4 know their audience; young party goers, bubbling with hormones and sexual urges. If you weren’t enticed before, you are now ey? Party House evolves around friendship and inter-gender relationships, which are then magnified through the time span of 24hours and the geographical limitation to one house. Oh, and enhanced by the booze-lots of booze. They say it’s a wilder Made In Chelsea and one could agree, that comparison is quite a fair one. The cinematography is certainly similar.

New to E4 and airing Wednesdays at 10pm, the first episode is tomorrow and introduces us to the host Laura Warby. Laura has two best friends: Jazz and Lucca. Laura and Lucca like the same guy-Shooey. Shooey has slept with both of them; hence the episode is appropriately named ‘It’s Complicated.’ There are other ‘characters’ but that is the main storyline.

The narrative begins on the day prior to the event- just before they’re all put in the party house, the music is vamped up and the drinks start flowing. But you know that already because we have all been to a party. They do all have a load of fun, which is expected at a party-except for a few awkward moments and a tiny bit of crying-but in general, it looked like a fun time. There was also a swimming pool, which you know inevitably leads to sexy water kiss action. This pool is no different. Filming concludes the day after the debauchery has taken place and the partygoers can reflect on last night’s events.

The next episode, airs Wednesday 23rd, and it explores the intense relationship between hard-core party girl Allie (host) and her on and off girlfriend Elise. My prediction is we will witness some serious make up or over the top break up. Place your bets now ladies and gentlemen.

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