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Festival Face

Tuesday 20 May 2014
Words Ailis Mara

This week we continue our festival beauty tutorials with an edgier look suited to the one and only Love Box Festival. Not for the faint of heart but for those who like their makeup like their music – LOUD, this look is full on. 

Love Box is all bounce and there’s no need to be shy. Be brave and go for a bold liner & bright lip. Beauty Ed Tabby shows you how…


Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 23.06.53

Key Products  

1. Illamasqua Hydra Veil
2. Mavala Tinted Cream Foundation
3. Topshop Mohawke Bronzer
4.  Mac Bootblack Liquid Liner
5. Mac 208 Brush
6. Mac 212 Brush
7. Mac 210 Brush
8. Mac 263 Brush
9. Mac Smolder Eye Khol
10. Bomb Cosmetics What A Melon Lip Treatment
11. OCC Pool Boy Lip Tar

Clean & Prep Skin

Clean and prep skin with your usual products but be sure to add sun protection to your routine! We really love using Illamasqua Hydra Veil as a primer before a lightweight foundation, like Mavala Tinted Cream (2). Conceal any blemishes with your normal concealer and then bronze up the skin with Tophsop Mohawke Bronzer (3). We concentrated our  bronzer on the forehead, nose and chin – where the sun naturally hits the skin first. Don’t  succumb to the temptation of using your brush like a shovel on the cheeks. Nobody has naturally orange skin (we hope)!

Love Box_3503_colour2_photo Zuzana Breznanikova


Bikini: Bang! Swimwear / Large Necklace: River Island/ Small Necklace: Stylist Own

Love Box_3357

[Bikini – Sun, Sand & Honey]

Define Eyes with a Strong Cat Flick Step 1

To give your face more definition fill in brows. using Illamasqua Brow Cake in Motto. Don’t be afraid to go a little darker than you usually do. The real focus of this look is the eyeliner. If you’ve ever wondered how to get the perfect liner, here’s a step by step lesson.  First you’re going to need the right tools. Brushes will make the difference when it comes to a clean professional look. We recommend the Mac 208 (5) & 212 (6) brushes for a flawless finish. Using the Mac 208 Brush (5) dipped in Bootblack Liquid Liner (4) draw a line from the outer corner of the eye [with the point of the angled brush facing the opposite direction to which you are drawing]. Take the brush off at the middle of the eye, place it in the inner corner of the eye and turn the point of the brush towards your nose, continue to connect the line to the middle. Go over these steps a  couple of times to create a deep black finish.

Love Box_3393


Define Eyes with a Strong Cat Flick Step 2

For the cat flick, you’ll need to measure first or else you’ll risk making your eyes look all wonky. Using the 208 (5) brush as a guide, place the width of the brush against the corner of the eye, lift it slightly so that almost one more length of the brush head is agains the corner of the eye. Place a small dot. Then using the same technique as before draw the brush from the outer corner towards the middle. Finish by sharpening up the liner. Using the Mac 212 (6) with a little water dipped on it, drag the brush along the edge of the flick. This should act as a bit of an eraser to sharpen out the finish. To make it longer just repeat the process. Fill in the waterline of the eye with Mac Smolder Eye Khol (9).

Love Box_3405

Define Eyes with a Strong Cat Flick Step 3

Using the flexible Mac 210 Brush (7), dipped in the liquid liner (4) , draw a line from the outer flick on the lowerlash towards the middle of the eye. Hopefully when you step back and look in the mirror you have what resembles a sharp sleek line! If so go ahead and add  a little Smolder Eye Khol (9) to your waterline &  your favorite mascara. If not. Wipe it off and start again. It takes a little practice and it may be that you need to grip the brushes in a different way, steady your hand on a dressing table or just give yourself more time. It takes practice!

Love Box_3414


For the lips go for full on drama!  We love OCC Lip Tars for their variety and longevity. We started by prepping lips with Bomb Cosmetics What A Melon Lip Treatment (10) to prevent chapping and create a smooth base for the lip tar. We then used a Mac 263 Brush (8) dipped in OCC Lip Tar Pool Boy (11) to fill in and line the lips. The angled brush makes a great lip applicator as it allows you to get a sharp edge with the lip tars. Fingers are just not going to cut it with such a bright colour. Keep the brush sharp against the lip line and draw inwards from the outer corners of the lip. Then just fill in the middle.

Love Box_3421

If Pool Boy didn’t take your fancy experiment with these other fun shades. OCC has a HUGE range of lip tars which you can find online or at Selfridges :

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.02.50


Love Box_3629_colour_photo Zuzana Breznanikova

Photography: Zuzana Breznanikova
Model: Bethany @ Profile Models
Makeup/Words: Tabby Casto using Mac, OCC, Illamasqua & Bomb Cosmetics
Hair: Roger Cho using Bumble & Bumble
Styling: Gemma Worsley