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Introducing: Allie X

Monday 12 May 2014
Words Darren Skene

Allie X is pioneering a new kind of potent-pop with her latest track ‘Bitch’

Toronto born and bread songstress Allie X is rather elusive online making her all the more endearing as an artist. With a website which declares one line “WE ARE THE IN THE X OF OUR EXISTENCE” #XSISTENCE, and a Facebook page that again gives nothing away, we look to Allie X’s Instagram account for a taste of her vibrant, colourful and eccentric life. Her only comments:

“My shadow and I have come to an understanding. I can no longer deny his #Xsistence nor can I suppress her instincts. I know this because I have tried. I really have. Our approach is quite domestic: Early bedtimes, frequent simple meals and bite sized portions. In #Xchange, a few times a week, we go to the circus. A dangerous, but necessary descent. How do you live with yourself? #Xchange”

Whilst her persona is elusive her tracks speak volumes in the current pop climate and Allie’s aggressive vocals speak a thousand words. Following on from tracks ‘Prime’ and ‘Catch’, ‘Bitch’ is another powerful alt-pop offering with an addictive hook. She may work in the shadows but her music is most definitely in the spotlight. We want more.