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Saturday 17 May 2014

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Last Monday night at Oslo in Hackney there was much anticipation for Le1f’s personally endorsed support act, BAY and they did not disappoint. Despite the sole existence of three tracks on their Soundcloud page, and the fact not much is know about this enigmatic Croydon three piece, they are rapidly receiving growing attention from both fans and the industry alike.

Shrouded in eerie blue light, the group delivered a startlingly self-assured set of dark and brooding electro soul ably matched by self-produced beats which proved they are more than worthy of the recent interest and tonight’s slot.  The narrative of the band is still hard to discern because we know so little about their back story, however, we do know  the trio produce their own songs from a home studio in Croydon and that it’s good enough for triumphant headliner Le1f to handpick them to open for his London show.

What is undeniably impressive in tonight’s performance is the quality of the song writing. Tracks like the crowd favourite ‘With You’ and the latest release ‘WYF’ display lyrics that resonate with the claustrophobia and dislocation of modern urban relationships. The infectious beats, powered on by an agile bass groove and glassy electric guitars are matched by the melodies of a lead singer who seems as at home stalking the stage mic in hand like a reflective Mike Skinner as he is hunched over his keyboards and sequencers, whispering to the audience. The instrumentation, programmed drums and echo soaked harmonies, offer light and shade to their overall wiry and nimble sound, but are subtle and sparse enough not to dominate the songs themselves. This is where the group really manages to pull it off tonight –they seamlessly blend infectious dance grooves with the sort of melodic, guitar pop which suggests they owe as much to Television as they do to Depeche Mode and New Order. The boldness and confidence in their debut London show is a serious statement of intent from a group who have the beats, songs and striking stage presence which indicates BAY as a very real prospect for this year.

Follow BAY here and listen to BAY here

Words by: Ollie Levy

Photography: Joe Wilson