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Review: Je Me Souviens

Friday 09 May 2014

The BLiSSFiTS, based in Toronto and led by frontman Freedom Danish featuring the high-energy key work of Stephane Vera, have launched into action with their first global release.

The single, just released and available via Beatport, offers an eclectic vision of modern Drum and Bass across several distinct remixes. “Je Me Souviens” – French for “I remember”, and official motto of the Canadian province of Quebec – is a subtly progressive song, moving smoothly through elements to create a unique experience. Anchored by a smooth, rolling breakbeat percussion line that will be familiar to fans of liquid DnB, the song builds on edgy electric guitar riffs and atmospheric pads to deliver an absorbingly futuristic cyberpunk feel. When I picture people raving in 2030s Hong Kong after decking into the Matrix, I picture music like this.


That feeling is enhanced by samples that are delightfully recognizable to a nerd like me, and the motivation for the track’s name (no spoilers – see if you can identify the sources when you listen). Taken together, the song is reminiscent of a mashup of early Infected Mushroom, Gogol Bordello, and classic liquid DnB. It’s a very modern recipe for an engaging piece of art.


The remix selection expands the options for DJs looking for a similar aesthetic but a different dancefloor vibe. Each is true to the original but brings unique spirit to the formula, from house and bass music through techier sounds and hard, dark DnB. There’s something for every occasion. It’s a strong initial offering from the Toronto-based crew, and worth adding to the DJ crate or MP3 playlist.

Words: Tim Ellis