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Vixen & Blush Open New Salon in Hoxton

Friday 23 May 2014

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Words Ailis Mara
Heather and I were invited to attend the launch of the new Vixen and Blush Hair Salon in Hoxton Street. The salon specialises in bespoke-real hair extensions and has been featured in ID, Pop & Glamour Magazine to name a few. Spindle Beauty had to investigate… 
The tiny salon nestles among it all with a little lemon tree outside.  This is the second salon that they have opened after the success of their Wandsworth branch. As we walked away from Hoxton Square I began to wonder if the salon had made a wise move opening so far along the road from Shoreditch, however I was mistaken. The area is a buzzing little enclave among the pound stores and council flats.  The area is  friendly and has some of the best places to eat.
Vixen & Blush Shoreditch-3photo 2-2
We were greeted and shown around the salon before promptly being  invited to help ourselves to the mini bar (with restraint we chose soft drinks)!

Heather had a consultation and we were given the run down on the hair extensions. Sarah the manager uses Russian hair of beautiful quality and length. The rings which attach the hair to the head are made for the salon using a lighter weight and smaller size of copper.


Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 19.36.59
Heather has very baby blonde bleached hair and some time was spent matching her colour to the extra hair using two colours of blonde with a ratio of 1/1 around the back and using the lighter blonde in a ratio of 2/1 in the front. Most peoples have hair that is lighter at the front as it has had exposure and damage from light, heat, dryers and handling.
I had a sneaky peek in the back room where the colours are kept and the extensions are individually made for each client.
The mix of blonde hair was brushed and blended together then small sections were held, trimmed, dipped in  hot glue and then rolled to make perfect extensions.
IMG_0545-2  IMG_0503
Note to self…don’t let my roots get longer than 2cm!! I say this because the amount of time doing a “mid band” application for bleach is long!! Once Heathers hair was bleached, washed, toned and dried, two girls worked very fast together to put in 3/4 of a head of hair on rings.   A quick trim and and Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
After a cocktail or two at our favourite Hoxton bar we then went off to the Vixen and Blush launch party where Heather continued to swish and swing her long hair all night.
The first shampoo!!
Heather found the rings in her locks easy to get used to and I think was forgetting she had extensions till she washed it. If you have somewhere to go in a hurry I do not recommend you wash your hair that morning. It takes ages to dry. Luckily there was a bottle of  Moroccan oil for blonde hair in the goody bag from the launch night and a little application of this brought the hair back to its silky smooth loveliness and it blow dried beautifully,  all be it that it took much longer than normal. In all reality though there is another 3/4 of a head of hair in there!!
Four shampoos later and these extensions look just as good as when they went in. There has been the tiniest amount of loose hair loss but they are holding fast.
On my last quizzing Heather said she is addicted to having these extensions and admitted she will definitely be doing it again. The thought of losing her long hair fills her with sorrow.
One happy customer thank you Vixen and Blush, it looks like we will be seeing you soon.
My view on this is that as a working hair and makeup artist I have come across some dire hair extensions, these are amazing quality and done with such care and attention and probably the best I have seen.
At Spindle HQ we are absolutely loving Vixen and Blush – Rue also had her hair treated in time for the Great Escape Festival  and had a fantastic experience :

” I arrived at 9am and throughout the morning and was fed tea, coffee and biscuits, therefore it wasn’t a bad start to my day. My hair was washed, then dried. Then in went the extensions, and to be fair it was a perfect colour match due to the mix of different shade technique they use. Because I have dip dye they then also dyed the top of the extensions to merge into my natural hair and voila, I had long blonde hair that looked all natural baby! You literally cannot tell I have extensions in. Everyone is pretty impressed

The salon was busy all day and had a really great vibe-we were all gossiping and having a right laugh. The girls are perfectionists and veterans of their trade with 15 years experience in the business! ”

spindle vixen&blush

If you’ve had any reservations about getting hair extensions before, take our advice and just go for it. To make a consolation at Vixen & Blush call 0207 729 62 63
Incase  you’re still unsure, just check out this gorgeous before and after of a happy Vixen & Blush client  :
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Words : Jay Pinxie
Photos : Vixen & Blush