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Tried & Tested: Bomb Cosmetics *Almost Edible Beauty For Your Bathroom*

Tuesday 10 June 2014
Words Ailis Mara

Last week I got my hands on some gorgeous bathroom treats from Bomb Cosmetics . Tried & tested, these parabin and cruelty-free beauty treats are Spindle favourites and we couldn’t wait to share them with you… 

Bomb Cosmetics are handmade body and skin care products that use beautiful essential oils and natural ingredients. They’re unique as they are SLS and Paraben free. There’s a lot of hype around parabins and why they are harmful. Briefly, parabens are used in lots of our beauty treatments to extend shelf life. These chemical preservatives are in almost all of your cosmetics and most of us don’t even think about them day to day. Research has shown that we should be concerned about using parabens due to their link between the development of certain cancers. The skin is the largest organ of the body and if we continually cover our body with products containing parabens we are exposing ourselves to a higher risk of cancer which may sound dramatic, but you’d be surprised just how many skin care companies use them. It’s brilliant to finally find some bright & fun products which don’t use these chemicals and come at a really reasonable price point.

Bomb Cosmetics was formed 14 years ago with a bath blaster and  has grown to a world wide company now stocked in over 70 countries. I stumbled across them in a sleepy seaside town on the english coast selling all natural products.

If you are looking for bath time treats that look good enough to eat, with natural butters, essentials oils, minimal packaging and against animal testing, then look no further. The massive range of products has something for everyone.

From the outside, the shelves of products look like a vintage candy shop with rows of bath bombs like cupcakes in orange, pink and lemon swirls! The range of flavours are immense with a lists of ingredients and essentials oils that could easily be kept in a cake shop kitchen.

Here’s a little round up of my favourites :

Pink Rhubarb Princess Whoopie Blaster £2.99image-5

Being addicted to pink glittery things, I could not resist choosing the Pink Rhubarb Princess Whoopie Blaster – a bath bomb that looks like a pink donut with blue icing in the middle sprinkled with glitter. The piping in the middle is pure cocoa and shea butter with cedar wood and geranium oil. These are two of my favorite scents – a mixture of deep comforting cedar wood and the fresh clean summer smell of  geranium oil; true princess luxury. When I got out of the bath my skin felt plump and soft and smelt divinely of fruity rhubarb.

101 Hydrations Cocoa Swirl £2.99



Another favourite was this cute white icing cupcake with little raspberry red pieces on top, wrapped in a red and white dotty cake holder. It looked entirely edible!

When I dropped it in the bath the did not melt immediately and bubbled for ages. When rubbing over my skin it felt both moisturising and exfoliating leaving my skin really soft, which I put down to the Shea Butter.

Bomb Cosmetics’ world of edible looking beauty products doesn’t stop at bath bombs-there is a range of gorgeous smelling soaps with a price tag to rival Lush!

Rasberry Supreme £2.49


Raspberry Supreme looked so pretty I almost did not want to open it. It was like a slice of three colour pale pink birthday cake with raspberry jam in the middle and a strawberry heart on top (yum). Infused with essential oil of yang yang-a natural aphrodisiac- that makes for an all together sexy soap.

It’s not as easy as you’d think to lather up a slice of cake shaped soap but I persevered! If you are someone who prefers a shower to a bath, or someone who grabs the soap, splashes around and gets out as quickly as possible, then perhaps this is not the soap  for you.

These were just a few favourites but the range is insane :


If you like soaps that leave your skin soft and smelling fab look no further. Bomb Cosmetics look adorable in the bathroom and are paraffin and cruelty-free. Keep an eye out on the Spindle Beauty section  for your chance to win some of these goodies! #spindlebeauty


To purchase any of these tasty treats and to keep up to date with Bomb Cosmetics check out their website  at

Bomb Cosmetics  and follow them on twitter @BombCosmetics

Words :  Jay Pinxie Turnbull