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Track of the Week: ‘Bamboo’ by Deers

Wednesday 11 June 2014
Words Darren Skene

Not too dissimilar to the worrying lack of recollection that inhibits you when you see a strange girl in your bed after a drunken night out, Great Britain last year unexpectedly woke up to find the musical prowess of two all-American and all-female, rock/pop bands – Deap Valley and HAIM. And, just like that girl in your bed who is by now slowly peering over your duvet covers, they refused to leave until we fell madly in love with them and said they could stay as long as they liked – so that’s exactly what we did.

The latter of the two, a Fleetwood Mac inspired band made up of three sisters, gave us a chart topping debut album and probably brought with them a suitcase packed with 50 pairs of jean short shorts. The other, injected a much needed dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll back into the veins of the British music scene and introduced us to a drummer who somehow manages to wear even less clothes on stage than all three constantly topless members of Biffy Clyro.

So anyway, why have I felt the need to ramble on about two bands that haven’t even produced this weeks ‘Track of the Week’? Well the reason is, both Deap Valley and HAIM have found success in a country where all-female rock bands, or duos for that matter, are extremely hard to come by – and in doing so, they have paved the way for two like-minded girls, who are looking to do exactly the same thing – but this time, they’re coming from Madrid.

Meet Deers and this week’s ‘Track of the Week’, their debut release, ‘Bamboo’.

Made up of Ana García Perrote and Carlotta Cosials, it’s safe to say the pair are new to the game and if you never actually listened to them, your first ‘judge a band by where they come from’ thought would be that, Deers aren’t exactly a two-piece you’d expect to ever find success in the UK – purely because they originate from the Spanish capital. Yes, it’s the city that gave us the elegant beauty that is Penelope Cruz, but it’s not exactly a place renowned for the birth of brilliant rock duos.

However, in this case, there is an exception. And that very exception is making a whole load of noise, ensuring that us Brits take a listen and it comes in the form of debut single, ‘Bamboo’.

Taken from the bands debut demo E.P, ‘DEMO’, ‘Bamboo’ opens with a minimalistic, yet effective, pop-punk major chord progression – delivered in a reverb and tremolo oozing soft centred lollipop of sound that would cause cavities if it was actually edible. It’s a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on Howler’s debut album, ‘America Give Up’ and it paints a nostalgic picture of the office worker throwing away his tie, un-doing his top bottom and reliving the summer he had as a teenager with his then first love, but his now only love. It’s ‘Norgaard’ by the Vaccines, but slowed down and the tracks overlapping vocals transport you from one place to another – giving you no time to dwell, but just enough time to let you consider which one of life’s many shackles you’re now going to take off in order to do something you truly want to do.

Deers may have not been around for very long – but ‘Bamboo’ is a statement of intent that suggests they have no plans to disappear any time soon either, and that’s absolutely fine with me.

Listen to Deers

Words: George Henry King