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When Did Food Become Fashionable?

Thursday 31 July 2014

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Words Lizzie

It’s the latest snapshot that your Instagram needs to stay trendy. Nothing shouts hip more than a salacious oversized burger put with a pair of skinny fries and a full length Coke. And nothing screams nonchalance more than someone who doesn’t care how many calories are in their feast. There’s an uprising didn’t you know? Dining out is the new rebellion.

New-gen fashionistas are leading the way, graciously overthrowing the standards set by the Noughties celebrities. And oh-so naughty they were. Was the lollipop-head syndrome ever a good look Nicole, Lindsay, Cheryl? And does nothing really taste as good as skinny feels Kate?  Have you been to Patty and Bun? I thought not.

Cara and Jourdan are showing them how it’s done now, with regular images of Cara enjoying her grub and Jourdan hosting her own Youtube cooking show ‘Well Dunn.’ Fashion designers are even getting in on the act. Why just have your cake and eat it, when you can wear it too? Jeremy Scott’s A/W 14 collection saw fast-food-inspired apparel served on the runway, with McDonalds Happy Meal style handbags and phone cases that emulated portions of fries. Chanel turned their runway into a supermarket, quite literally creating fashionable food – cereal titled ‘Coco Choco’, bottled water stamped with the Chanel signature and even a Chanel ham. Très chic.


It appears that dining out has never been more on trend, with a 2014 Zagat Survey revealing that Londoners are now eating out nearly 4 times a week. With more and more inexpensive restaurant openings in areas such as Shoreditch and Soho, it’s becoming easier for young people to find cheap quality food. Relaxed settings and hipster-styled waiters also add to the stylish nature, but the real appeal lies in these restaurants ‘no-booking’ policies. A large queue you say? Well better get in line then to see what all the fuss is about. Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture. #yum You can find out more about this here :www.knifeista.com

Words: Kayla Joleen