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Preview: Simon Constin’s Impossible Catwalk Shows

Tuesday 19 August 2014
Words Ailis Mara

Fashion’s favourite month is fast approaching and whilst we don’t want summer to be over, the lure of this September’s Fashion Week is calling our names. Adding to the autumn appeal is Simon Costin’s Impossible Catwalk Show, a new exhibition that kicks off on the first day of Fashion Week and explores the possibilities of catwalk shows if there were to be no limits. Exciting!

Held at the Fashion Space Gallery, set designer Simon Costin has previously collaborated with Alexander McQueen to create the ingenious shows that we know and miss. Also having worked with Givenchy, Valentino, YSL, and Stella McCartney, it’s fair to say that Costin knows his stuff. Now we can explore his creative visions as he exhibits the innovative possibilities of fashion presentation.

Attendees of the show will be immersed in Costin’s world of mythical set design that holds a series of real and fictitious environments where the garments would be displayed. From disused nuclear power stations with a collection that slowly decays, to a collection held in a forest where models will have to be spotted through binoculars, visitors will explore the relationship between fashion and environment in a new way. Immersive sets and rotating models will captivate the audience who undoubtedly will not have viewed something like this before.

Described by the designer himself as an ‘invitation to dream and speculate’, the exhibition will challenge the ways that we currently view fashion collections, as well as acknowledging Costin’s indisputable talent. Insights into his working process will be shared through his sketchbooks and notepads, whilst behind-the-scenes footage from McQueen shows will be on display. The exhibition highlights the importance of set design, where workshops and discussions on the theme will also be held at the same time.

Events programmes will be released in early September where the show will run until December. Fash pack – get your Red Bull’s at the ready. This September looks set to be a busy one.


Words: Kayla Joleen