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Review: Man Meets Woman

Saturday 30 August 2014

Man meets woman. Man fantasises of next few hours. Woman fantasises of next few decades. Yang Liu’s humorous graphic novel highlights the differences between the male and female thought process, using a series of simple diagrams that both sexes can understand.  Demonstrating the subtle (and not so subtle) gender parallels, the book leaves you questioning if maybe women are from Venus and men from Mars after all. Though you probably knew that already.

Taking inspiration from her own personal life, Liu’s observations are something that we can all relate to. The book comes as a successor to the equally funny East Meets West that illustrated the differences between Asian and European culture. Born in China, but living in Germany since she was 14, graphic designer Liu studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, equipping her with sufficient knowledge to document the eastern/western differences. Now she has drawn from her own experiences and relationships to create Man Meets Woman, as she presents an interesting portrayal of today’s gender clichés.

From how we cope with flu – men: you don’t – to bathroom breaks, shopping habits and our best weapons against the opposing gender, Man Meets Woman provides us with plenty of laughs out loud. But it also highlights some more serious social differences of salary expectations, views on ‘career women’ and attitudes toward promiscuity. The little book documents the gender roles that have been dictated to us through social and professional structures, but as Liu states in her intro, it’s something that she wants us to take with a little humour.

Perfect as a book to have lying around on your coffee table, Man Meets Woman is guaranteed to make all of your guests laugh, as we continue the ongoing confusion of understanding the opposite sex.

Words: Kayla Joleen