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Track of the Week: Haim, ‘My Song 5’

Friday 29 August 2014

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Just under 12 months ago a Fleetwood Mac inspired band, made up of three sisters, opted to leave the sunny confines of their California home to invade and take over the UK with their pop/rock mix of utter musical prowess and a tour bus filled to the brim with denim short, shorts and leather jackets. In doing so, they very quickly churned out a chart topping debut album, became the must see act at every UK festival and ended up being the most commercially successful of all the bands that the NME had hyped as the next best thing that year.  

I’m of course, talking about HAIM – and although their newest single, ‘My Song 5’ isn’t exactly new to the ears of myself or the ears of anyone who smartly decided to purchase the bands debut album ‘Days Are Gone’, I think the tracks star-studded, cameo-filled accompanying music video and the addition of rapper A$AP Ferg are two, perfectly good reasons for us all to revisit it’s brilliance, celebrate it’s release and hail it’s new found ‘Official Single’ status.

Just before ‘My Song 5’ is played live, HAIM never refrain from insisting that it’s the audience’s chance to ‘get down and shake their arses’  – so I say crank up the speakers, pour out the drinks, invite round all your friends, and do exactly what those rocking, no shit taking sisters suggest we do.

Words: George Henry King