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Track of The Week: ‘Nova’ by Lovelife

Friday 01 August 2014
Words Lizzie

If you are even aware of whom I’m referring to when I mention a certain, Leonard Newell, then you will know fore well that his initial gobby exterior during his stint as the Gallagher-esque frontman of Viva Brother, left some people and pretty much every narrow minded critic in the country, scratching their heads and feeling slightly bemused.

The NME for example whacked the band on the front cover and even hailed them as the next best thing – but then completely stabbed them in the back and gave their, in my opinion fantastic debut album, a measly 5/10. So what really was the problem? Well arguably it is because Leonard’s past, present and now his future, have never really aligned – and in hindsight, it seems like he has regenerated his and his bands image and genre more times than Doctor Who has, well, regenerated.

For example, before his bid to kick-start a Britpop revival it’s rumoured that he and his band mates were part of a heavy metal band. But of course that could all be speculation – or a massive lie made up by the ‘Viva Brother Vendetta’ led media in a bid to make it look as if they cut off their roots to instead greedily adopt a commercially viable image and sound that made millions for Oasis in an attempt to also make their bank vaults burst at the seams.

The latest reincarnation of Leonard however, has completely veered of course in an entirely new direction once again and it is cruising down a road of it’s own. So much so in fact, it appears that the only remaining essence of Viva Brother that lives on in Newell’s, Hurts inspired, L.A residing ‘Lovelife’ project, is the fact that two of the former band members have reprised their roles alongside their couldn’t give a fuck frontman.

But do you know what, I really don’t care – because in my opinion whatever Leonard Newell we get will an asset to the music industry and ‘Nova’, Lovelife’s latest single that beams with ambient synths and a White Lie’s revamped chorus, is more than an asset to the ears – regardless of who really resides under Newell’s, ever changing exterior.

Words: George Henry King