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Introducing: Girlpool

Tuesday 23 September 2014
Words Darren Skene

There’s something intriguing yet slightly menacing about this Jane lady from Girlpool’s self-titled debut EP.

This LA duo creates a juxtaposing strong-yet-vulnerable piece by stripping back their music to just two guitars and their luscious voices. The EP comes out on November 17th (through London label Wichita Recordings) and the twosome are set to perform at their first ever UK dates. Gigs in London and Glasgow fall amidst their East Coast American tour.

What first starts like it could be describing the scene of a 4AM couple’s fight where Jane punches Tommy in the mouth, with perfectly timed high pitched background screams, develops into something way more mighty. “Don’t ever feel imprisoned/ Feelin’ like your mouth is glued tight shut/ You were born for a reason/ Share all your feelins’/ If you are a Jane, put your fist up too.” And suddenly a wave of empowerment flows out of the song like a tidal wave. This. This is what you’ve been waiting for… And you didn’t even know it yet.

Jane provides an insight of what to expect from this duo. Throughout Girlpool they challenge gender norms, provide a bottomless well of girl-power anthems whilst maintaining effortlessly irresistible melodies. If anything reaffirms the fact that ‘less is more’, then this band is it.

It’s as though Girlpool’s debut EP was made purely to be the ideal backing track to those nights where the only thing that’ll cure your broken heart and man-hating mood is a threesome with Ben and Jerry. I’ll take two tubs of cookie dough and Girlpool on repeat please.

15th Nov – TYCI @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow

19th Nov – Sebright Arms, London (w/ Alex G)

Words: Eliza Frost