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Interview: Eliza and the Bear

Tuesday 20 June 2017

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Eliza and the Bear will be playing two intimate shows in Manchester’s Soup Kitchen the 21st of June and the London Assembly Hall on the 22nd of June. They recently released an uplifting catchy single named ‘Higher’. We had the chance to catch up with Martin Dukelow, of Eliza and the Bear!

When did your interest in music begin?
My dad took me and brother to see AC/DC at Wembley Arena when I was like 8. That alongside listening to my mum and dads tapes on the way to swimming was my earliest memory of musical interest.
What were you guys doing before Eliza & The Bear?
I was actually studying to be a Quantity Surveyor for a few years and then this band came along and I put that to one side.
How did Eliza & The Bear come together?
We’re all from the same town so it just ended up being the amalgamation of the people that wanted to carry on creating music.
What is your creative process when you’re composing?
We usually have a little live set up with some recording equipment and just jam some ideas from anywhere. We usually start with a chorus and once we have that and we’re happy with it we delve deeper into the song
Out of all the countries you’ve performed at, which one has been your favorite? 
Apart from England, because London is our hometown I would have to say Germany. All the towns we played there looked after us really well and there’s a massive love for live music there.
How involved are you in the creative process for your visuals and music videos?
In terms of visuals and videos we’re very hands on. We like to get together with different creative people and give an idea of what we like.
You just released a new single ‘Higher,’ what was the inspiration behind it?
At a basic level it was just the love of writing music. We went back to square one writing music in our bedrooms and my dads fishing shed. We get a lot of inspiration from pop music so that definitely inspired in terms of musical direction.
What’s in store for Eliza & The Bear for the rest of 2017?
Right now we’re going to see what happens. We’ve got more songs under our belt. We going to take our time and see the best way to release them.