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Introducing: The Red Sands

Wednesday 04 December 2013

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Toronto has one of the most vibrant and acclaimed music scenes in North America, and the latest joyful noisemakers to spring forth from this melting pot are The Red Sands.

Consisting of Jason Pennell, Scott Millard, Ben Millard and Angelo Altomare, The Red Sands play a heady mix of indie rock originals as well as some classic covers thrown in for good measure. And why not give the people what they want? When they’re producing a cover as powerful as this version of Bruce Springsteen’s Atlantic City, I say go for it.

Their Valley EP clearly suggests the influence of The Boss and positions them as natural contemporaries of modern rockers such as The Black Keys. If you like fun, upbeat, energetic rock then these guys certainly fit the bill.

According to their Facebook page, they’re coming to a dive bar near you – which is ideal, seeing as Toronto has an abundance of those joints (My personal fave? Green Door on Bloor. Hands. Down.), and their sound is well-suited to the rough and ready atmosphere of these types of establishments. Lots of cheap beer, lots of jumping around and lots of sweating to keep you warm against the bitter wind chill coming off Lake Ontario.

Check out the Valley EP below and keep your eyes peeled for shows all around the GTA.