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Video: Interview with the cast of E4’s new drama Glue

Tuesday 16 September 2014

We’ve been introduced to Overton – a village composed by meadows, fresh hay, beautifully bred horses and the freedom to challenge boredom through sex, drugs and adrenaline. It is written by Jack Thorne after all. We’re assured this anticipated 8-part murder mystery drama will unravel secrets, intertwine lives, and explore the dark side of the countryside.

The Cast


Charlotte Spencer: My character is Tina- she’s a female jockey and a very strong girl. I love that strong woman thing she’s going on and that’s why I was attracted to her. Each character has its problems and I’ve never played a part I could get my teeth into so much.

“The writing is amazing; Jack Thorne is just so good! I also loved being on the horses!”


Jordan Stephens: I play Rob, Tina’s boyfriend. He’s a bit of a numpty, but not stupid. There are certainly things I share with the character – using humour as a defence mechanism for example. But the difference is when I do something stupid I kind of know it…but I think Rob doesn’t clock things for a while.

“I pissed around all the time and it did help a few times when the shoots were long just to keep the energy up!”


Tommy McDonald: I play Dominic Richards. I read for a few characters when I auditioned…and when I first read Dominic on the page I found him quite unlikeable; I felt people wouldn’t like him. He’s the assistant horse trainer so bosses people about a lot, but its about finding the heart in these characters and seeing that that’s not all they are; they’ve got a lot going on underneath. Everyone had a back-story so it was about finding that reason and making it come across human.

“When the script came along, knowing Jack Thorne had written this fantastic pilot…it was so beautiful to read, very scenic because you could picture it straight off the page and that’s what excited me about it.”


Jessie Cave: I play Annie. I auditioned for her straight away although she wasn’t a very developed character initially, but the great thing about this job is that it was written as you went along; so the more I read, the more I learnt about my character. She’s lovely, best friends with Tina (they live together) and she’s almost stupid…she says things that are very blunt and shouldn’t be said at the wrong time but she has a massive heart and cares so much for her friends…She’s born and bred in the country and not massively ambitious or restless to leave. She’s a core character.

“I had to learn to knit for this!”


Billy Howle: I play James. He’s an incredibly sensitive guy and the best way to describe him is he’s a bit of a poet; quite existential. There is nothing quite like death to make you think about what you value in your life. His reaction is quite insular and he does become quite introspective and completive about the murder.

“It’s an edgy unique twist on the traditional- who done it?”


Tommy-Lawrence Knight: I play the part of Cal. He’s a 15 year old kid who’s had a bit of a hard life growing up in and out of care -lot of family problems- so he’s a bit of a closed book and doesn’t give too much away. He’s always out with his mates, doing drugs and getting away from everything. The gang have a motherly way of looking after him, especially Janine. Everyone is quite protective over him – they worry about him. It’s great to play someone with a darker side to them and show I can do something a bit grittier.

“When I finished the first episode there was a cliffhanger and I got so excited thinking it was going to be the best thing ever and something that I had to be a part of.”


Callum Turner: My character is Eli – the brother of the guy who gets killed. He is sort of a loner as he’s only got two friends-Tina and a horse. He’s the outcast; he’s not friends with the group as he doesn’t really know them. What’s great is you have all these interesting people with lots of brilliant stories and they’re dragged into each other’s worlds.

“The script I feel had a mystical feel to it and there was something underneath that was burning. We only read the first script and it was very intriguing…you just wanted to know more about the people.”


Faye Marsay: I play Janine Riley, she’s a vet from the North and she’s moved into this village about 4 years ago. She’s part of the gang that hang out with each other but she’s a little bit quieter and has her own secrets – which may or may not be discovered in this series…but definitely an integral part of the group.

“All the characters jump out at you for different reasons; they’re all dynamic and have their own struggles. You would want to play any of those characters.”


Photography: Elliott Morgan

Interviewer/Producer: Irune ‘Rue’ Chamberlain

Director/Editor/Cameraman: Artur Le Fol