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Interview: Menswear label Senhor PRUDÊNCIO

Thursday 16 October 2014
Words Lizzie

Portuguese menswear, footwear and accessories label Senhor PRUDÊNCIO have just announced a collaboration with Rita Roque, a Portuguese artist and illustrator. The AW14 collection focuses on the Futurist movement highlighting the need for speed and dynamism, as well as a pursuit for the unpredictable and unusual. Which is what you find in the images from the menswear look book; Roque has used a collage technique on top of existing images to produce something aesthetically beautiful for this season’s collection.

We talked to João Pedro Filipe about Senhor PRUDÊNCIO, what we can expect from the AW14 collection and all about his collaboration with Rita Roque…

Can you describe Senhor PRUDÊNCIO in three words?

Heritage, graphic, craft.

What were the main inspirations for the AW14/15 footwear collection?

For 21.14 VINTEEUMCATORZE the main inspiration was the European futurism of the early twentieth century, and the Futurist movement of the Geração de Orpheu in Portugal. Then I worked around the idea of how I imagine the future in the next 100 years and what will be a classic shoe at that time.

Do you have a favorite look from the items this seasons? 

I do. I am still in love with the Datum Boots, the baggy ones!

How do you keep the balance of the 50s Portuguese shoemaking morals you believe in and contemporary design ideas? 

In fact this is quite easy for me. It’s a balance between two things that I really love – the ancient techniques of shoe construction like hand stitching and goodyear welting methods. And on the other side, the contemporary menswear design and men’s lifestyle.


Back in 2012, you won the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur Award, how did this change or influence the brand?

It made it easier to launch the brand with the knowledge I acquired, and also made the first season more visable with the presentation of Turbine on the official line up of the LFW shows.

You don’t have an online store, is this an important factor to help to support the classic Portuguese craftsmanship and shoemaking heritage the brand evokes? 

No, we do not have our own online store. The idea of not having a traditional online store is to have direct contact and develop a relationship with the customer like a traditional shoemaker. You can find our shoes online at stores such as Far Fetch, We Are Selecters or at Odd Barcelona, Farenah or Wrong Weather.

How did the collaboration with Portuguese artist and illustrator, Rita Roque, come about?

Rita is one of the most interesting artists in the Oporto illustration scene right now. It was quite natural; I was looking for someone that would be interested in working on the images for our look book. We were talking about it and she asked if she could do some trials and some images. When she came back to me with two of them I fell in love with what she was proposing for the images and the history she built into the work.


On your website, it says how the graphics were intended to highlight a necessity for speed and dynamism as well as a pursuit for unpredictability and unusualness. Why is this so important for the AW14/15 collection?

The futurism movement and the idea of future in different views/expectations inspired me, I believe that all these necessities are really important as a vision of the future. So I worked the products and graphics with this in mind.

Is there a hidden message regarding the metamorphic collages in the collaborative look book? Like if a person were to wear the shoes, would they metamorphose into another being? 

The shoes were the main focus when creating these characters. Rita created the illustrations based on natural elements that the shoes evoke in her such as fire, water or wind. They are de-constructed anti-heroes – tied but resistant. Developed according to the shoes and the feeling around the design, these metamorphic persona’s were born around the idea of the power that the shoes would provide to them..

What do you see happening to Senhor PRUDÊNCIO in the immediate and distant future? Are there more collaborations on the horizon?

I want to keep Senhor PRUDENCIO a brand that pushes me further as a creative designer, but also to enable the company grow at a natural pace.

I do love collaborations in different areas because I love to work with different kinds of creative people around the same subject/concept. We are preparing some great news for next season in a more product-oriented collaboration.

Such exciting news! 

Words: Eliza Frost