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Competition: Kahlúa

Tuesday 21 October 2014
Words Lizzie

If this isn’t a perfect yet slightly random combination then I don’t know what is… a hot cowboy, a soothing voice over, a bad boy in black leather, an astronaut and a mysterious briefcase. Oh and not forgetting the all-important Kahlúa cocktail.

If that hasn’t got your heart racing a bit, then I’m pretty sure this will. Kahlúa, the coffee liqueur, have announced a competition for those of you out there with a competitive streak and a love for solving a mystery. The competition and accompanying short film sets out to mark the return of the White Russian cocktail.

With the award winning Jeff Bridges as the main character, who we soon discover to be the man from the story who acquired this mysterious case in question. He sits and sips a White Russian whilst relaying a story from years gone by. There aren’t many adverts which have all of these characters under one narrative, but Kahlúa are going all out with the plot twists and the unexpected… but that’s all you’re hearing on the story from us.


Watch the short film here and enter the competition by filling in your details underneath to guess what’s in the mysterious briefcase. The closing date for the competition is the 1st March 2015. Hint hint, Spindle are voting for the ingredients to make a White Russian.

And if this has made you super, super thirsty, learn how to make the perfect White Russian on the Kahlúa YouTube page. Someone get me some ice, quick!

Words: Eliza Frost