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Phiney Pet SS15 ‘For Your Amusement’

Thursday 09 October 2014
Words Ailis Mara

Let’s set the scene. It’s a sunny day; the fair ground music is whirling around your ears, as are the waltzers. There’s a bloke conning people into hooking a duck for a chance to win a massive novelty cartoon character cuddly toy, and the hotdog guy is calling out about his amazing foot longs. But what do you wear for such an occasion? Phiney Pet’s SS15 collection of course.

‘For Your Amusement’ is next season’s collection by London designer Phiney Pettman. The brand specialises in street wear designs but splashing on bursts of colour and lots of applique takes what you would first expect from a brand that takes inspiration from the streets of South London and flips it on it’s head.

This collection focuses on the fair, if you hadn’t already come to that conclusion. It takes the old traditional characteristics of funfairs and combines it with a very modern interpretation of theme parks and the result is pretty breathtaking. There is a large emphasis throughout on the different job roles that would be at a funfair, and each outfit represents a different worker.


A personal favourite is the sheer sparkly shirt, covered in sequined designs of hotdogs, burgers, pizza, cartons of juice and lollypops. Is there anything not to love about becoming a stylish food vendor? Keeping in chic yet carb-y. Not forgetting another glorious piece that replicates a pretty white cat being draped round your shoulders. Full of sequins and a metallic blue better than the sky, if this doesn’t kill people with cuteness I don’t know what will.


With highly caricatured, heavily beaded and exceedingly exaggerated designs, you can actually become one with the fairground wearing these pieces. In fact, people may even begin to ask you how much for a ride…

Words: Eliza Frost