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Interview: Leutton Postle

Tuesday 18 November 2014
Words Ailis Mara

Crafty knitwear designers Leutton Postle, which consists of Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle, have tag-teamed with Kopparberg to transform everyone’s favourite cider into a wearable jumper. And if that doesn’t just scream Christmas season, I don’t know what does. (Except maybe that Christmas 24 film channel Sky has introduced).

The jumper is designed to be the warm cuddle for your outsides whilst the Kopparberg drink warms your insides. Leutton Postle even took a trip to the Swedish town of Kopparberg to gather inspirations!! Autumnal and colourful bursts of the town are translated into The Kopparberg jumper. Absolutely darling if you ask me.

Well firstly, which is your favourite flavour of Kopparberg?

Jenny: Definitely the Elderflower & Lime one. Although the idea of the heating up of the Spiced Apple is great.

Sam: Good old apple.

The jumper is based on the original Spiced Apple flavor, do you want to talk us through the design process a little bit more? How did you go about making a cider wearable?

J: We let the Spiced Apple cider and our trip to Kopparberg in Sweden be our inspiration. We were so lucky to go there!

S: The jumper is typically Leutton Postle in that it patterned and very colourful but with a little twist as we took inspiration from Kopparberg’s heritage, the town itself and traditional Swedish knitwear patterns.

Did you have any design ideas that hit you straight away?

J: Yes, for me the deconstruction of the typical Scandinavian knit pattern that I loved. Which is also what we finally went with.

Leutton Postle_ studio_portrait

What inspired the colour scheme you used?

J: Kopparberg town was so colourful! The greens and autumn yellows of the beautiful forest inspired us, along with the reds of the traditional barns too.

S: The light when we were there was so beautiful, and the seasons were changing too, so all of these bright reds were popping out at us in the forest. And the water from the still deep lake looked really jet black, so we incorporated that too.

You took a trip to Kopparberg, Sweden, for the project. How was it? Which aspects of the town gave you the most inspiration?

J: It was amazing. The hotel we stayed in was beyond. It had so many pictures of the Swedish royal family and moose heads. Just amazing. Also a charity shop in the town where I bought as much as I could carry!

S: The second hand store was the best! We cleared them out of faux Swedish candlesticks. They man who owned the shop actually hated them but they’re really funny and amazing.


How did you incorporate the traditional Swedish inspirations and your London orientated style?

J: We took that very typical Swedish knit and added the Kopparberg colours. Adding a London twist is the deconstruction of the design. We worked on this in the same way we do most of our Leutton Postle patterns.

Its being stocked in Machine A in Soho (priced at £150, you can order The Kopparberg via phone on 020 7734 4334) alongside your current collection. Do you current pieces have any similarities with the Kopparberg jumper?

S: They are similar in that they are bright, vibrant and really patterned. Our yarn choices for AW14 are a little more textured that that of the Kopparberg jumper, but the general aesthetic is there. It is very obviously Leutton Postle.


Are there any aspects of your past, like the crafts you use or attention to certain detailing, that you brought to your project to create a Kopparberg jumper?

J: The way that we work with pattern certainly. Collage is such a big part of what we do. Taking imagery apart and putting it back together again, playing with scale.

S: Gotta love a collage! And knit is a craft! One that they we approach differently to a hobbyist.

What is Kopparberg to you in a style sense, in a retrospective position after your project?

J: It’s Scandinavian but a little more forestry, authentic and natural with a little Swedish quirk!

And finally, you’ve got to admit it, do you guys own any Christmas inspired jumpers that are absolutely cringey?

J: Nope! Not at all!!

S: No!

Words: Eliza Frost