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Interview: Seth Troxler at ADE

Tuesday 04 November 2014
Words Lizzie

Seth Troxler is a maverick. Not only has he become one of dance music’s most respected DJ’s and producers he is a shrewd yet genuine businessman with integrity and incredible character.

Each year Amsterdam Dance Event hosts one of the biggest electronic music conferences on the planet. With artists, music lovers, managers and labels bought together by Amsterdam’s charming streets.

Mr Troxler, were at ADE and youre currently standing in front of me with a titty hat, please explain?

So I was walking on the street today and I had an idea and I was like “Imagination, create me a hat with perfect tits.” I just envisioned it, I just believed it and next thing I know two stops later, a titty hat! I thought of it in my mind and there it goes.


How has ADE been for you so far?

It’s been really good, we got in last night. Did the ADE cook off, I wasn’t in the competition this year but I was a judge. I went out dancing last night actually and I danced on a dance floor with the crowd the entire night at the Rush Hour party. Moving and shaking and grooving on to 4am and then I was like “I have to wake up! Let’s go!”

How is it when you go out clubbing?

A lot of times it can be bad if people want to take photos and I just want to dance but last night was cool. I had a baseball cap on, pulled a Tom Cruise and was laying all undercover. A bunch of my friends wanted to go into the crowd, I danced and no one really bothered me it was great. I just got to dance for like four hours. I was in the disco, I had my arms up in the air, I was all sweaty, I got out. I slept great woke up incredible. I was saying earlier that I’m on the wagon so at the moment it’s good.

Being on the wagon do you get tempted in those environments?

I’m well off, for the moment I’m enhancing myself. I had a fantastic time just dancing and shaking. You got to dance a little bit more if you’re on the wagon or it just gets boring and you get back off the wagon.

Last time I saw you, you were very busy setting up various labels and youhad an incredible summer. What has been one of your highlights?

Besides being with you right now, we had Burning Man. It’s been amazing; I was at Glastonbury at the beginning of the summer. We did Arcadia and played to like 70,000 people. It was incredible. We did Park Life with Jamie Jones and played for 35,000 people or something like that. It was the Summer of my dreams really. Single life! I’ve been having a really good time. I think everyone should have a good time. I recently had a friend pass away and when those things happen it makes you put things in perspective. You should enjoy every second because it could be your last.

I agree. Label wise hows it all going?

Label wise it’s tight but it’s going good. There’s a big perception of when it’s tight people are like you’re blowing up, you’re the new Warner. Selling like 300 records. It’s good, the Tuskegee thing is starting to heat up. Soft Touch launched recently too. It’s funny last year at ADE is when I first had the conversation with Compact about trying to start that label. The first record came out nearly a month ago, so it’s funny to see even in hindsight how quickly the record industry works. How are you doing in your life?

Im really good thanks, really good. 

You enjoying interviewing people and traveling around? And having that great big old smile. You guys don’t know she has got an incredible smile.

Thanks! Ive had a really good time and Ive had a great summer too but nobody has sat in front of me with a pair of tits on their cap and to be honest. Its a highlight.

Right there, in front of your own ears you’ve heard it here first!

Youre quite opinionated, how do you find it being that way in this industry?

You know, I recently got a new tattoo on my arm.

Is this from Tattoo Roulette?

I had a birthday party recently and everyone had to come in lingerie and it was incredible. There was a bouncy castle, titty bump station, a free tattoo parlour and I got a lot of people to get this tattoo. It’s a mantra of mine, can you see that? It says the f word and ‘it’. It doesn’t say the f word, it says the actual f word and I believe in that you know, fuck it! I just don’t care. I think being honest; if you just have a big mouth and enjoy fighting people then it’s not really cool. If you’re just bringing up ideas and raising conversation then maybe it’s all right. I don’t know it’s not on purpose; I’m an outspoken person.

Does it ever backfire?

Sometimes I guess I get a talking to.

Who gives you a talking to?

Sometimes my Mum calls. I have got a talking to from my Mum for the things I’ve said on the Internet. She’s like “you can’t say that!” Sometimes maybe I shouldn’t have done that and I feel guilty for like five seconds and then I’m like I don’t know, I don’t really care anyway.

Being honest is really important I think

You should be totally transparent and even though if what you’re saying isn’t liked by everyone. So many people are concerned that everyone has to be comfortable with everything all the time and that’s not it. As long as you’re not being a dick but you can bring up things, you can agree to disagree with people just don’t say it in a really harsh wrong way. You save so much time and life is so much easier. Rather than just being in the background and going along with things that you’re not really comfortable with.

Or trying to blend in and thats just boring.

I think I’m blending in. Camouflage!

Youre doing well. In Amsterdam you are camouflaging to be honest. 

I am. That’d be funny; it’s like a bunch of girls in windows and me in a window with this hat.

Can we do it please? Find the red light, put you under it and see how long it takes for somebody to turn your light the other colour

We’ve got our big party Big Tittie Surprise on Saturday. It’s not a misogynistic thing it’s just funny.

So from here whats the plan for the next few months for you?

Going to Australia next month, America next week. Just hanging out. Trying to enjoy. Enjoy yourself!

Thats what its all about dude. As ever Seth, its awesome chatting to you.

Words: Carly Wilford