Introducing: WULF

The band’s debut EP Lairs isn’t due till Spring 2015, but 1st of December sees the release of their first single ‘Fires’ through BMG Chrysalis. The trio – originally a duo till Australian guitarist Sean O’Neil got involved – have worked closely with James Kenosha (RHODES, Pulled Apart By Horses and Dry The River) to bring together a sound which is broad and free to explore.

‘Fire’ presents us with a prominent piano that plays along to confessional songwriting delivered in a concise 2.47min rocky tone. Radio 1’s Alice Levine and Phil Taggart say ‘This is their year’. Well, ‘Fires’ is a bloody good start and I’ll be ready to WULF-down the EP next year. (Terrible pun – sorry)

The Recap

They are: Joshua Bowyer, Jimmy Gardiner and Sean O’Neill.

From: Sean is an Aussie, from Perth. Josh and Jimmy we’re not sure, but the trio are based in London.

Upcoming shows: They just supported Southern at Barfly in Camden but check out their website for updates!

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Words: Irune Rue Chamberlain