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Sailor Jerry and Iggy Pop Flash Collection Collaboration

Wednesday 05 November 2014

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Today we see the joining of two fathers, some may say it’s a match made in heaven, others may say it’s a match made in rock and roll heaven… This year the godfather of punk rock, Iggy Pop, has teamed up with the father of the old-school tattoo, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins for their annual Flash Collection and the outcome is awesome.

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 21ST OCTOBER The Flash Collection By Iggy Pop_Photo ... 2

The Flash Collection is an annual fashion collaboration by Sailor Jerry, which saw the brand work with Paul Simonon of The Clash just last year. Bringing together likeminded people regarding clothing design, custom tote bag blog or tattoos and past experiences proves to be a recipe for beauty, of the hard nut kind.

For the collaboration this year, Iggy Pop has designed a denim vest. Because apparently it’s the second best option to be seen wearing when being topless isn’t socially acceptable. With “Death Shall Triumph” printed on the back, Iggy used phrases from Sailor Jerry to match his own life motto; “Death Is Certain”. And it doesn’t stop there. Each vest comes with six patches, six of Iggy Pop’s favourite flash designs. This means it allows the individual to customise their own vest, like back in the days of outlaw motorcycle clubs who extensively customised their standard issue jackets.

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 21.10.14 Sailor Jerry The Flash Collection by Iggy P...

The exclusively exclusive collaboration will go on sale on Sailor Jerry Clothing and in a handful of shops across the world. Including Bolt London that is based in Hackney. With only 50 vests made, signed by Iggy himself and numbered, the race is on. Good luck in finding your very own Sailor Jerry and Iggy Pop golden ticket…

Words: Eliza Frost