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Serge DeNimes And The Idle Man Collaboration

Tuesday 25 November 2014
Words Lizzie

The modern man… Oh just imagine what struggles he faces. Like not knowing how to end things with that girl you’ve been on one date with when she’s already planning what bouquet she wants at the wedding. Or not liking beer but being afraid of looking unmanly to all the other pub punters on a Sunday afternoon. But with a brand-spanking-new collaboration between Serge DeNimes and The Idle Man, at least fashion choices won’t be one of your issues.

Serge DeNimes and The Idle Man exist to make the modern man’s life easier, to provide them with staple pieces with an urban edge. With both brands being highly passionate about fashion, as well as having a great understanding about the contemporary man, the collaboration was bound to provide a sleek statement piece.


And it didn’t disappoint. The t-shirt that the two brands have created combines both styles to produce something that should be a staple must-have in any guys’ wardrobe. Using the AW14 colour pallette of Serge DeNimes of white, grey and black, the design is kept minimal with an emphasis on the quality of the cut and design off the tee itself. They’ve even merged together the two brands names creating a ‘So Idle’ slogan for the tee – I see a brand-mance forming (like a romance but between clothing brands).


With only 25 tees produced, it’s going to be a highly sought after product. You can pre-order the baby of this collaboration exclusively from The Idle Man. After all, as The Idle Man point out Mark Twain pointing out, “clothes make the man”. And this one is bound to make you ‘So Idle’…