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On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas…

Tuesday 23 December 2014

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Words Ailis Mara

I think that Christmas brings out the child in everyone. That excitement you get in your belly the night before like the elves were dancing around having a celebratory, we-got-the-presents-ready-in-time, party. Is it the general magic of the day, the idea of giving out all the lovely presents you’ve bought, or is that we succumb to our childlike beliefs no matter when we stopped believing? 

I have a vivid memory of lying in bed when I must have been about four or five, I heard “Santa” putting my stocking fillers into my fairy princess stocking. I was so frozen by what I could only describe as star struck-ness that I just stayed as still as possible and listened. Which is very unlike the curious child that I was. In hindsight, it’s pretty impressive I didn’t jump out of bed where I would have been shocked to see my Dad in his PJs sleepily shoving gifts into this stocking rather than a man with a white beard and a red suit. I think it was a blessing in disguise, at least I had a few more years of believing ahead of me instead of being scarred from finding out the hard way.

When we caught up with Superfood the other week, we asked them about some of their fave Christmas memories. The conclusion is that parents and Santa have very similar taste in alcohol and nibbles.

Dom: You know how they leave milk and a carrot out for Rudolf and Santa, I think this is when I realised that Santa wasn’t real… My Dad left out a biere speciale and an onion bhaji for Santa.

Ryan: Did he have onion breath in the morning?

Dom: Yeah. I would say, “Dad, you really like those” and he said, “well so does Santa”.

Ryan: My Mum said we were leaving some stuff out for Rudolf, a carrot and a bit of milk, and she said “shall we leave a beer for Santa?” And I remember crying saying, “Santa doesn’t like beer”. So she just put it back.

But why doesn’t Santa like beer?

Ryan: Because he’s got to drive.

Emily: We used to have to leave out Jack Daniels, a carrot and a mince pie. But Jack Daniels on ice… Leave it out on the fireplace. And the carrot always appeared back in the cupboard I would notice.

One year, my parents wrote a note on Microsoft word from Santa Claus and I went into the dining room where the computer was, and it was on the screen. I was like “oh, that sucks”.

I think when I have kids I’m gonna tell them that Santa likes a strawberry daiquiri and cheesy Doritos… Oh and Rudolf would like a sharing size bag of Maltesers, not a carrot. Now off to bed children.