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Farida Apparel: A New Label in London

Friday 05 December 2014

A faithful admirer of the creativity and discipline that goes into the curation of  iconic fashion, Imran Malik launches a new label, contemporary and timeless, with the Capsule 1.0 collection – 7 ready to wear items that are beautifully black, effortlessly elegant and strictly limited edition.

Farida Apparel is for someone that likes to invest in fashion and enjoys making a statement through what they wear, a person that isn’t concerned with limitations and likes to push boundaries and experiments with what life has to offer… someone who prefers something more bespoke than mass market”

A personal collection, Imran has named the brand is after his mother. “I wanted a name that meant something to me and could also encompass the brands identity. When I told my mum her reaction was ‘oh really, are you sure ?’ which was cute. Better than her reaction when I showed her, her name tattooed across my arm in Arabic!”

“For as long as I can remember I have been collecting magazines, spending hours flicking through them getting inspiration and soaking it all in.  For me Fashion is a form of expression, its art, it’s a lifestyle both limitless and timeless. I am able to express my personality through my style and I believe Farida Apparel captures those elements allowing other’s to express their own personality.”

‘Capsule 1.0’ – The first collection from Farida Apparel is available to pre order right now, head on over to www.farida-apparel.com