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Interview: Cereal Killer Cafe

Wednesday 10 December 2014

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Words Ailis Mara

Today is the massively crunchy, massively milky and massively anticipated opening of Shoreditch’s very own Cereal Cafe. The “but I’ve definitely thought of that idea first omg” cafe is owned by two twin brothers from Belfast.

Spindle had the pleasure of popping down to the Cereal Killer Cafe yesterday and getting a sneak preview of one of the dreamiest places to eat cereal ever. We went for a Fruity Pebbles cereal with good old green milk, but the possibilities are endless. 120 different cereals, cow milk, hazelnut milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, marshmallow toppings, marshmallow fluff, honey, sweeties… You’d get a bit breathless if you said the entire list on offer.

Like I mentioned, the cafe on Brick Lane had a grand opening this morning at 7am. And with the Honey Monster and Coco the Monkey there too… This is a day that will go down in cereal history. I got to have a chat with Gary Keery, one of the twinnies and owners, about the cafe, the processes that got the brothers here and his favourite cereal concoctions of course.


You lived in Brighton before moving to London, what made you decide London over Brighton?

We’ve lived in London for four years now, and when we came up with the idea we were in Shoreditch. I think when you look at things like the Cat Cafe that have opened in Shoreditch. When it opened up it was like “where is it?” Obviously it’s in Shoreditch. That’s the way we felt about our cafe as well. “Where would we open it?” Obviously it would be in Shoreditch.

Because this is a year ago when we were deciding, when we were still doing our business plan. We were thinking, “will it work? Will anyone even like this idea?”. Obviously we know now with the publicity and public interest that we’ve had. We thought that if it were going to work anywhere, it would work in Shoreditch.

What would you say to the people that are like “what I thought of that idea”?

Yeah we’re getting that on Twitter like “I had that idea years ago”. But you didn’t do anything about it… When we had the idea we just thought that it was the best idea. I don’t know whether a lot of people have had the idea of a cereal cafe but just haven’t had it in this way that we have. I think the way we’ve executed is pretty good.

The whole retro vibe! I love it.

For our age group, we’re 32 now, we like cereal and we have fond memories of it from being a kid. The toys you used to get and the characters you used to have with them. You just don’t get that anymore. We just wanted to recreate the fun aspect of that and celebrate cereal the way we remember.


What cereal would you recommend? Any concoctions?

Mine changes everyday. The Vanilla Chex is very good if you have that with strawberry milk, it tastes like strawberries and cream. You don’t necessarily have to mix the cereals; sometimes just one cereal and a different flavoured milk could work. Crunchy Nuts, any nutty cereal, works really well with hazelnut milk.

What has been your favourite part in the whole process up until now? Or will that be tomorrow?

I don’t know. Tomorrow we have the Honey Monster and Coco The Monkey coming down. The’ve already ruined the illusion of it, Coco The Monkey’s costume is sitting over there… But that should be good.

Do you know what, my favourite moment has probably been when we signed the lease to this place, actually not even when we signed the lease. It was when I first walked through the doors and I said, “this is it”. We’d been looking for a property for so long.

Where would you next want to open a Cereal Killer Cafe if this expands?

We want to get the model right first and then we can look if this is able to expand. Is this a model we can recreate somewhere else. I can say we would definitely want to move to Brighton.

Theres certain places that this could work. I wouldn’t want to see it on every street corner or in every city. It would have to be something small, it’s a destination place.

Even New York, even I’m dreaming big for you now…

I would love that, then I could just travel all over. But it would be completely different in New York because you wouldn’t have all the American cereals, you would have all the English cereals. So it would be exactly the same idea just reversed round.

So you’re serving English cereals here as well?

Yeah, that’s them over there. Tucked away in the corner. We wanted to have all the cereals behind the bar but it just doesn’t want to work because there’s just not enough room. But it would’ve been great if we could have every single cereal up there but there’s just so many.