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Interview: HEBA

Tuesday 30 December 2014

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Words Ailis Mara

Get ready to be killed by cuteness with clothing brand HEBA. We catch up with the designer that provides items for the girliest, cutest tomboys out there.

HEBA is a brand striving towards keeping production as ethical as possible, with handmade items sourced responsibly to maximise sustainability whilst keeping it dreamy. After working closely with ASOS Marketplace and recently attending the Clothes Show, HEBA is going from cute to cuter. With seashells and tie-dye and mesh in colours of the rainbow, you’ll fall in love as quickly as we have I’m sure.

HEBA is for the cute and girly tomboy, is this a description of your personal style too?

Yes I would describe my personal style in this way also. I do however think my style is a bit grungier with lots of black, but for some reason when I design clothing, it always comes out quite cutesy.

Who would you love to wear your designs based on that description?

A girly girl who wants to branch out and be more boy-ish, but also a girl who is a tomboy who wants to be girlier! I want the brand to not only be for more daring people, but for more conventional dressers who want to try to be more experimental and quirky in the way they dress.

If you were going to kill someone with cuteness, what from the collection would you wear?

The check co-ord as it’s cutesy because of the roses, but mixed with the elbow holes and the rose suspenders, it makes it more sexy and sassy. It makes me think of one of those Japanese schoolgirls from the film Battle Royale, cute but lethal!


Your pieces are handmade, is this something you feel strongly about maintaining for your brand?

I do feel really strongly about the handmade element as I am celebrating my work almost like an art form, just like a painter painting and selling their artwork. Nonetheless, I have come to the realization that in order for the brand to grow, I will eventually move on to having either in house people sewing or perhaps getting small amounts of each design made in an ethical factory and then hand finishing elements to still add that unique-ness to each piece.

You also have announced that your tees are now Earth Positive, so they’re organic and ethically made using sustainable energy. HEBA saving the world one tee at a time!

Yes! I really believe ethical clothing will be more accessible in the upcoming years with not much of a bump up in the price, which is amazing!

I love the seashells and starfish bewb tees! There’s something mystical about your designs… Was that an intention?

Yes for some of my collections I almost have a fairy tale or dreamy vibe (basically how my brain is; always away with the fairies!) The bewb tees were inspired by The Little Mermaid of course!

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The bracelets are adorable too, is accessories something that you will branch into more?

Thanks! I really believe accessories can complete an outfit so yes; hopefully I will have lots more accessories in the upcoming seasons!

How was the Clothes Show with ASOS Marketplace?!

It was amazing, I met so many wonderful people. It was great exposure for my brand and people seemed to react really positively to the designs! ASOS Marketplace are so supportive and lovely also.

Have you got anything new going up for the New Year?

Yes I have an exciting new collection and photo shoot coming up for my ‘Simple Not Basic’ range consisting of slightly more simple designs but done in the unique HEBA way! I love being imaginative with my shoots so that people get enjoyment when they look at the images.

What’s next for HEBA? What will 2015 bring?

I am doing lots of pop up markets and shops next year, which is super exciting, as I love being face to face with our customers. I seem to get surprised with random opportunities out of the blue so fingers crossed for a good 2015.