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New Live Video: Don Broco

Thursday 11 December 2014

Would you get up for the money, for the power, the fame? I reckon Don Broco would. Don Broco have been leaping and bounding onwards and upwards in their career with a string of festivals and gigs behind them, as well as a tour and album on the horizon. The other week they held their most intimate gig for agessss – yes, ages did need to be emphasised with four Ss and it looked like a jumpy sweaty room of greatness.

Don Broco’s gig at London’s Our Black Heart saw the mere 150 tickets sell out in a matter of minutes, even for those that were online on the dot (I’m not bitter at all that I didn’t manage to get tickets, can you tell?). The gig was held in association with Dr Martens as part of their #StandForSomething tour.

When asked what Don Broco stands for, they highlighted that, “You should take opportunities when they come and I guess, live for the moment. Being in a band for a few years now, we’ve learned to appreciate the moments we do have and we’ve gotta enjoy them while they’re around”. Wise words.

Don Broco perform their newest single ‘Money Power Fame’, which has been released ahead of their highly anticipated upcoming album. With the crowd singing along, typical Don Broco energy and ‘that walk’ from Bobby, it seems as thought it was something special. Not that I would know (again, I’m totally not jealous).