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Mazda and Mogee make your motor musical

Friday 12 December 2014
Words Spindle

Ever wonder what would make that long drive more bearable? All those miles of motorways or country lanes with zero entertainment are over. Say so-long to the days where an occasional game of motorway golf or if you really push the boat out – eye spy, were the only things that got you through the journeys. Mazda Motors UK have collaborated with recent Kickstarter company, Mogees, to make you’re car into a musical instrument and to ban boredom once and for all.

The brand new Mazda3 comes from a brand that is passionate about being innovative and defy the conventions generally associated with automobiles. The car includes a mobile connectivity system that connects straight to your smartphone. A feature that plays a large part in the car brand’s new venture with Mogees.

Mogees allow the world to be your musical instrument. Move over pipe organ, there’s a new world’s biggest instrument (thanks Guinness Book of World Records for that key info), but don’t panic at its size… The concept is simpler than you would first think. Combine the Mogees mobile phone app with a few wires that you then attach to the inanimate you wish to transform into an instrument. The small sensors on the attachment detect and analyse the vibrations that are made from hitting an object and the smart technology will convert the vibrations into acoustic properties for you.

Attaching the Mogees to a car bonnet, windscreen, steering wheel or gear stick means your boring or formally silent commute turns into a magical music journey with the addition of this collaboration between Mazda and Mogees into your life. I wonder how long it will be before people start uploading their car-made tunes onto Soundcloud…