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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… Stranger Stranger

Wednesday 31 August 2016

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Stranger Stranger’s childhood was pretty much music, non-stop. From Toronto and London respectively, the pair both grew up around the sounds of Wu-Tang Clan, Roota Manuva, Billie Holiday, Sly Stone and The Beuna Vista Social Club, and their musical upbringings and diverse influences are clear in their melding pot music. With part soul, part folk, part singer-songwriter and part underlying hip-hop influenced beats, it’s hard to pigeonhole the pair into a certain genre. All we know is that their harmonies are utterly divine, their instrumentals are like a beautiful textured wall of sound, and debut track ‘Sometimes’ is the perfect tonic everyone could do with to bookend their day.

With not much yet known about the pair, otherwise known as Phil Solari and Marinda Lavut, Spindle decided to dig a little deeper and find out 5 things you definitely didn’t know – and yet the pair still managed to maintain their mystery. Take it away, guys…

  1. She sang her first song at a refugee school
  2. He almost cut his fingers off working in a kitchen
  3. She is afraid of the telephone 
  4. He played basketball with Win Buttler in Montreal
  5. They write most of their songs under a highway bridge between 5 and 9 AM

Check out Stranger Stranger’s debut ‘Sometimes’ below.

Get hold of Stranger Stranger’s track ‘Sometimes’ here: www.itunes.apple.com/sometimes