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‘Outside The Lines’ Sailor Jerry

Thursday 04 December 2014

The iconic Sailor Jerry spiced rum has created a short film – full of long open roads, choppers, Dogtown skating, bearded men (oooo yeah), plenty of denim, leather and split clips of Iggy and The Stooges’ performing their cult-classic track ‘TV Eye’. The track is the soundtrack, naturally.

Shot on a Super 8, the film features off-the-record edits of genuine people and authentic footage to remind us that life ‘Outside The Lines’ is about flying your own flag, chasing emotions and living for each day – it’s not for the faint hearted. Much like Spindle we’d say.

So what ignited this ‘spirit’? (Acknowledge pun at your own discretion) Well that would be a dude named Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’ – who tattooed the sailors on shore leave and soldiers with bottles of booze, mermaids, pin- ups, ships and swallows. His legacy is about a lifestyle of free will and sailing those seven seas of sin. Mixing Caribbean spiced rum, rock ‘n’ roll and fashion – ‘The Flash Collection by Iggy Pop’– we can’t deny that straight up old school is straight up bold, and straight up sexy.

Ignite your sense of rebellion and live Outside The Lines. Or at least tread on them a little.