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On The Seventh Day Of Christmas…

Tuesday 16 December 2014

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Words Ailis Mara

Does your Nan get suitably pissed off prosecco? Does your Dad dress up as Santa to dish out the presents? Do you leave out a beer, mince pie and carrot the night before? Or wake up at 4am and then every hour until it’s acceptable to disturb the rest of the house despite being in your twenties and it being totally socially unacceptable? I think the latter just happens in my house… By me… Yes I am that type of person.

We all have our own Christmas traditions; some weird, some weirder and others that only make sense in the context of your family, friends, or whoever you spend Christmas day with.

With my last name being Frost, it’s extremely relevant to the time of year (insert Jack Frost joke here) (insert frosty weather joke here). It seems to be my Mum’s task in life to cover the house in things with the name ‘Frost’ on. We have ‘Frost’ plates, ‘Frost’ spelt in letter ornaments, a Frost’s garden center bag on the fridge – not quite as Christmassy but you get the gist, we have a ‘Christmas at the Frosts’ sign up in the dining room and even a Santa Claus that sings ‘Frosty The Snowman’. The list is extensive and exhausting. But it’s a tradition.

Back when we caught up with Alpines, I asked Cat about their Christmas traditions. “Bob and I, both our families tend to host Christmas dinner, which is really nice. I will speak on bob’s behalf here, I think what his family do, not that I don’t spend Christmas with his family, they’re very different to mine because they start drinking at about seven in the morning with champagne then start opening the presents. So everyone’s drunk and present opening by about 8am.

In my house, with my family, everything’s held back for ages, so we can’t open presents til about 6pm. But that’s just an annoying thing we have in our house. My brother and I for the last few years have been doing all the cooking because we both love cooking. It’s always really nice for my mum and dad just to chill. We like to try and get as many people over a possible, anyone who’s just around. We’ve got a lot of family friends what with mine and Bob’s family; it’s really nice to get anyone down.”

Now if you ask me, drunken present opening seems like the way forward. It certainly beats hung over present opening (whoever thought it was a good idea to go out on Christmas eve???). Whether your traditions are weird or weirder, it isn’t Christmas time without them and I know that even if I complain about my house turning into a Frosty wonderland, I secretly love it and I bet Christmas without your traditions wouldn’t be the same either.