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Exclusive Track: Taylor Locke

Thursday 15 January 2015

Taylor Locke has been in his fair share of bands in the past, in Taylor Locke and The Roughs, Rooney and now a solo artist. He releases his first fully solo track, ‘Time Stands Still’, premiering exclusively through Spindle today(!!!). Plus the new single has a free download from Soundcloud. I see your fingers twitching towards that download button already…

Taylor Locke is an LA born and bred musician who’s been in the biz since 1999. Despite the title of his new track, ‘Time Stands Still’ acts as a testament to Locke’s musical growth over his career. What a beautiful way to honour it. And for 3:49minutes, you’ll be the one standing still in slight awe at the soothing sounds of Taylor’s voice.

Enjoy it for yourself anytime, anywhere, any country, any time zone, any anything with a free download.