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Idiot Feature: Ta-ta To Page 3

Wednesday 21 January 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Page three. The thing that builders say “corr look at her knockers” at, that young boys take a peak in at the newsagents and that teenagers steal from the insides of their parents’ papers. The infamous, love to hate it, page is no more for The Sun, well it appears that way for the time being at least.

I mean the feminist in me is like “yeah, totally, get rid of it, girl power! No more boobs for men to stare at and just think of women as mere objects where they enjoy their physical appearance more than what they have to say” but the other part of me is like, but what? Why? I thought we were all about freedom of the press? Just the other week we were all holding our pens up in solidarity that “Je suis Charlie” and now we’re withholding some of that freedom. It’s like someone is saying, “You can be free this way, but not that way, sorry”. It’s contradictory when a guy can be topless on the front of a men’s health and fitness magazine, but as soon as there is a hint of female nipple, the world seems to collapse in on itself. And god forbid if someone breast feeds in public… It seems the stereotypically prudish nature of Britain means nudity, especially of the female form, should be forbidden at every opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong; the objectification of women is something that incessantly needs to be tackled in the media, and in many other areas of life for that matter. But page 3 has been printed for more than forty years and only within the last two years, with the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign, has it been truly challenged.

And it’s not like they’ve transformed page 3 into something worthy of reading. They’ve got rid of naked women and replaced them with scantily clad women. The objectification of women is still there, and there are still women on page 3 for people to ogle over, just without the bare breasts. Yesterday’s newspaper saw two Hollyoaks actresses ‘bouncing’ along a beach in bikinis. Two triangle pieces of waterproof clothing aren’t exactly going to obstruct your imagination is it? Not forgetting the fact you can open up the Internet and within a second you are provided with hundreds of Page 3’s to stare at for as long as your heart desires.

Ban the boobs is something I wholeheartedly agree with, but I just think Rupert’s gotta try a little harder. What’s the point on banning one set of boobs without banning the rest. The page 3 website is still running, and the models will be acting as ‘ambassadors’ at The Sun events and campaigns (ambassadors is used incredibly lightly here). It seems like a small stepping stone in a massive pond full of boob implants and bleach blonde hair.