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London Collections: Men Trends for AW15

Thursday 15 January 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Kids Corner 

It seems as though a childhood wardrobe revival is due for Autumn/Winter 2015. Think what you wore as a toddler, but bigger and better. Now, I’m all for twenty-something-year-olds wearing dungarees and questionable colours, and seeing these in shows at London Collections: Men just confirmed the greatness of it.

Sibling’s AW15 show at LC:M this year was predominately pink and predominately amazing. The pinkness shone through like everything you’d been waiting for, including matching teddy accessories. Alex Mattsson’s presentation included fierce models wearing bright yellows, greens and lilacs colour blocked on spiky hats, scarves, hoodies and dungarees like the cosiest toddler ever. Whilst Agi & Sam’s collection was full of fiery colours with corresponding lego facewear – evidently, it’s not just for playing with.


Sibling AW15


Alex Mattsson AW15


Agi&Sam AW15

Utilise Utility

Many designs this year kept it industrial. It was black on black on grey on navy on some more black, with a smidgen of camo added in there for effect. LCM saw high fashion workwear dominate the runways and presentations.

Lee Roach’s show had sleeveless blazers, jackets cinched in with tied belts, all of which had a hard-hitting futuristic feel to them. Berthold’s clean cut take on the utility theme differed from Roach, with inspirations from vintage uniforms and military overcoats. Maharishi had a desert colour palette for their utility inspired collection with camouflage patchworks finding it’s way onto modern day bomber jackets and quilting.


Lee Roach AW15


Berthold AW15


Maharishi AW15

Fur and Shearling 

It seems AW15 is looking soft with fur featuring in many shows this year, as the show-stopper but also as a supporting role. Fur edging on coats, trousers, and pretty much anything else with an edge to cover.

Astrid Andersen took a furry hat to an entire other level size wise. Not forgetting other show stoppers, including a full-length navy fur coat in the Baartmans and Siegel show that I’m still dreaming about four days later… Mixed in with other dreams about Hunter Gather’s tan shearling coat too. Dreams full of cosy coats is the way forward for AW15, does anyone wish it were winter again already or is that just us?


Astrid Andersen AW15


Baartmans and Siegel AW15


Hunter Gather AW15

Back In Time

Give yourself some room to breathe in AW15 guys, flared trousers are back and so is comfort. AW15 is travelling back a couple decades, and this time it isn’t to when you were a kid. 1970s is making a revival, for hippies, for rockers and for you.

Belstaff’s entire presentation oozed 1970s rocker with guys on motorcycles and American diner set-ups and that is before having time to look at the clothes. Think biker, think rocker and think cooler than cool (ice cold). Hunter Gather was bringing up the rear with flares upon flares, the wider the better apparently. I predict some people will doing some rummaging come Autumn for those original flarey throwbacks.


Belstaff AW15


Hunter Gather AW15