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Pizza Pilgrim’s New Pizzas

Friday 23 January 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Pizza. Cheesy pizza. Tomato pizza. Meaty pizza. Vegetable pizza. So many different types of pizza in the world and Pizza Pilgrims have just announced two new creations. The Americano and the Mac-KALE-ley Culkin are battling it out for yummiest pizza. It’s just one of those tests you have to do, like pizza GCSEs. If necessary, Spindle will volunteer as tributes, but obviously we’ll hate everyone second of it (note the lie detector going off the charts in the background). 

Pizza Pilgrims‘ new pizzas are acting as the crossroads, deciding which direction to take on your January diet route, with each pizza acting as the angel and the devil sitting on your shoulder calling your name. The devilishly bad Americano, topped with mozzarella, deep friend chips and beef frankfurters is being sold at the Kingly Court restaurant. Where as the angelic (or should rephrase that as ‘less evil’) Mac-KALE-ley Culkin has a kale base, with anchovies, chilies, parmesan and a sprinkling of garlic, is being sold at the Dean Street branch.

Now the time has come to decide, are you gonna be good? Or are you gonna be evil? Are you gonna fully cheat on your January diet? Or are you gonna choose the lesser of two pizzary evils? The Americano? Or the Mac-KALE-ley Culkin? You better get your pizza bib on quickly, the good and the evil pizza are only on the menu for a limited amount of time. Who’s side are you on?