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Spindle’s Response To The Charlie Hebdo Attack

Friday 09 January 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

12 people have been killed in a terrorist attack in Paris. That is 10 creatives and a further 2 policemen. The attack was on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Those who lost their life included the magazine’s editor, 4 cartoonists and 3 journalists, who write and draw under the freedom of speech that France practice, and within the freedom of the press that is so rightly exercised.

The attack happened on Wednesday during the satirical magazine’s weekly editorial meeting. Charlie Hebdo then experienced a terrorist attack, the worst attack France has seen for many years.

Charlie Hebdo has a vivid past of toying with controversial topics, including announcing the Prophet Muhammad as it’s ‘editor-in-chief’ for an issue in 2011 resulting in an uproar and petrol bomb attacks on the offices. Due to this, and the nature of the paper, editor Stephane Charbonnier, who was sadly killed in the attack, was under police protection. But why does the nature of this magazine make it acceptable for these 12 lives to have been taken by other people who, it could be argued, are attempting to oppress the freedom of the press and of speech in France?

John Kerry validly put; “Free expression and a free press are core values. They are universal principles that can be attacked, but never eradicated”.

Charlie Hebdo’s website went offline shortly after the attack, when it returned a single banner saying “Je suis Charlie” was etched onto a black background. This phrase has been taken by people across the globe and spread through social media. Peaceful rallies have been held in Paris, London, Madrid, Switzerland and Brussels for people to show that we stand together during this terrible time. The event has evoked cartoonists and illustrators everywhere to use their art form to translate their views on the attack.

Below are contributions from Spindle’s illustrators and artists who are translating their mourning of the event through art.

Let’s continue to bring our pens together and show everyone that the pen is still mightier than the sword. Je suis Charlie.


By Benedict Bowen

Attachment 2

By Colin Greig

charlie 2

By Cat Sims

Charlie Hebdo_©2015 Mario Pinheiro

By Mario Pinheiro


By Patrick Savile

Don't Turn Around

By Hamish Mèk Chohan


By Marion Barraud


By Jonathan Ridley


By Matt Saunders


By John Bond

je suis charlie

By Edd Leigh


By Claudio Parentela


By Claudine O’Sullivan


By Joe Pearson


By Rosco Brittin


By Sally Renshaw


By Ryan Gillett

photo 3

By Roddy McDevitt


By Jessica Kemp


By Marianna Madriz

Untitled 2

By Scott Mason

Ruth_Ferrier_JeSuisCharlieBy Ruth Ferrier

Pen 1, Weapon 0 - Oliver Lancaster

By Oliver Lancaster


By Michael Driver