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Beneath The Barbour

Thursday 19 February 2015


If you think about it, everything started as something small, a tiny thing, and trying not to get too philosophical here but it’s true. Whether it be a small person, a small business, or a small creative idea, everything had to start somewhere. And British brand Barbour is no exception.

Barbour have been a significant part of British fashion for way over a century now, they celebrated their 120th birthday last year (happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Barbour, happy birthday to you – don’t worry we won’t mention how old you are). What began as a provider of lightweight outwear for fishermen has transformed into a highly sought after brand.

For the past three years, Barbour has embarked on a mission to discover what is “beneath the Barbour”. Their uncovering the essence of the people that wear their products. What the modern day person who wears their clothes is truly like. What do they do, what do they enjoy, what Barbour means to them, and what British fashion means to them. This has been cheap viagra substitute titled ‘Barbour People’.

Barbour will be releasing a series of videos exploring individuals and persons who embody the brand. It will showcase the stories of how these individuals envelope Barbour into their unique and varied lives.

Here we have David, one of these Barbour people. He’s a musician, in two bands, Six Toes and Stranger Or The Plane, and he also composes his own music and finds inspiration in the British countryside. His talent resonated with Barbour so much so that David composed the scores for this series of shorts for the brand.

The next Barbour person due an introduction is Emily. Emily is a London based artist, and also a Barbour person. She observes people and sketches from afar, claiming to paint figures instead of persons. There is certain distance that Emily puts between herself and those featured in her artwork, she seeps into the woodworks to observe the world around her.

There are plenty more Barbour people out there, and you can add your own story to the already dedicated Barbour People Tumblr page here.