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Brighton Festival Announcement

Wednesday 18 February 2015
Words Ailis Mara

The artistic hub that is Brighton is opening up its welcoming doors once more for the Brighton Festival this May. Now we all know (and if you don’t know, here’s some new info for you) that Brighton has a soft spot in the heart of Spindle, and this coming May we’ll be back on home turf. Yes, you heard it; Spindle will be working as media partners with The Brighton Festival for the entire three weeks.

The multi-arts festival launches with author Ali Smith as guest director. Running from May 2nd – May 24th, Brighton Festival embodies the essence of art that is found in Brighton, as well as bringing in artists from the rest of the UK and internationally to create three weeks of creative celebration. This year many of Ali Smith’s passions and interests will be celebrated through a programme consisting of music, theatre, dance, visual art, film, literature and debate. What a coincidence, they’re some of Spindle’s main interests and passions too.

Ali Smith says of the festival, “I’ve always loved Brighton’s sense of fun and friendliness, its vibrant open-mindedness, the way it opens to sky, the way the rest of Europe is so close it’s almost visible. It’s a city that’s always known how to live on the edge, a place full of endless energy, argument, possibilities, light. Brighton is always itself, and always uniquely welcoming.” It seems Ali’s love for Brighton is almost as great as Spindle’s.

Centering around three core themes of Art and Nature, the Crossing Places between art forms, and Taking Liberty. The results are sure to provoke thoughtfulness from their audiences, with work that will challenge visitors to rethink what they already know.


Speaking of the festival poster design (pictured above), the designers at Johnson Banks tell of how the little birdy came about.

“This year’s image was inspired by guest director Ali Smith’s words and thoughts on her themes for the festival. She says ‘Imagine the world seen from the eye of a bird’, and talks specifically about swifts as they migrate to the UK in May. This fits perfectly with the time of year the festival takes place.

We felt swifts were also a great analogy for the artists coming together from all over the world to perform at the festival. So we imagined how Brighton could look from a swift’s perspective. As it flies overhead it casts a yellow shadow of the city itself on the ground. The swift graphic is designed with flexibility in mind, to ‘fly’ over various parts of Brighton from the sea, to its parks, to the lanes and streets. For the principal image, we enjoyed the harsh contrast of the swift’s vibrant colour against the stark concrete street, perhaps symbolising the diversity of the festival itself”.

The festival’s rich history of pushing boundaries is sure to be challenged yet again with Ali Smith as the guest director, and Spindle are wholeheartedly excited to be involved in such a huge celebration of creative minds.