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Empire SS15

Friday 27 February 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Today at 6pm marks the launch of a new clothing empire; Empire Collection is an East London streetwear brand with a high end touch. We caught up with Jordan, the head designer and founder of Empire Collection, to chat about the brand and how he’s trying to put his own stamp on streetwear.

Empire Collection has been in the works for a year and a half, with the debut collection coming out today. Jordan “wants to add a high end element” to streetwear, “even though it’s being done these days anyway, I like the way that streetwear is going at the moment, so I just wanted to join in on that”.

The website launches with an edgy video in tow, “if you see it being worn live instead of photos you see movement to the pieces. You see someone physically wearing it, how it flows, how it moves. And I just wanted to be creative with it. I like that you can see the guy dancing in the video”. Jordan says the video explains the brand’s identity through movement and music.

Jordan is passionate about touching streetwear stereotypes with a high-end wand, he explains, “High fashion is more about the silhouettes and streetwear is more about big logos, big designs. I think I just blend the two”. The minimalist designs still manage to catch attention by their simplicity, “I tried to keep things plain and simple because I think that’s the aesthetic of the brand. Everything is quite neutral and clean cut, especially for the debut collection”.

The product that caught Spindle’s eye amongst Empire Collection’s SS15 pieces is the jacket made out of entirely reflective material. It’s super shiny, and yes we are magpies. Jordan recognises this as his stand out piece too, “the Letterboy 3M Jacket is definitely one of the headliners”.

Jordan promises more intricateness for Empire Collection’s future seasons and tells us to watch this space, “I just want to design and improve, design and improve. This time next year will probably look different to how it looks now. But it’s just me expressing my take on fashion”. The Empire Collection is building.