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Idiot Feature: Oh Kanye…

Friday 13 February 2015

Ding ding! Round 2! Kanye West has dread to tread into someone else’s spotlight yet again, leaving us to ponder whether there will ever be a time when award ceremony stages aren’t threatened with being trod on by over-priced Adidas and an ego the size of Olympia.

As embarrassing as it may be, I must admit that as Kanye turned away from Beck and made his way back down those stairs I thought that perhaps fatherhood and maturity may have given Kanye a sense of humour. Could he possibly be making light of his catastrophic mistake that left Swiftys – and anyone who understands the term ‘respect’ – raging as they stroked their cats for comfort? Despite the obvious snatching of Beck’s spotlight, I – just like a mortified Jay Z and Beyoncé – gave out a little laugh of relief as Beck was left make his acceptance speech in peace. Oh Kanye, you joker!

Oh, not joking?

Oh how naïve was I to believe that Kanye West would accept someone other than Beyoncé as the rightful owner to an award! Or wait, are we perhaps being too harsh on a man that defends music so passionately he is unafraid of the consequences this will have on him? Is he the modern martyr creativity needs in this 21st century of fabricated musicians and PR stunts?

Ummmm probably not…and as much as I love the Queen B’s sweet honey music, the following must be pointed out. Sorry B, collateral damage.

As Kanye expressed his discrepancy with Beck’s success he undermined Beck’s ‘artistry’ and claimed it was not respecting ‘the craft.’ Hmmmm Kanye, the craft of music? You mean Beck, sole writer and producer of his entire album? Same guy that plays 16 instruments? Blimey Kanye, I think that’s a bit harsh mate. Especially when we underline that Beyoncé plays 0 instruments and had 16 songwriters, producers and composers on her ‘monumental feat’ album. Sorry B, I did say this is collateral damage. I love you, you’re a goddess and I actually preferred your album.

But Kanye, if you want to talk about ‘diminishing art’ and ‘not respecting the craft’ then perhaps you should get back to creating, and less of all this PR machine shaking. Your exclusive definition of creativity, inspiration and monumental feats does not apply universally because art by its very definition, dear Kanye, is subjective and does not have to fit into your standards of great, good, bad or undeserving. You may have made some great albums but they do not excuse, nor justify, your little tantrums.

Beyoncé’s shifted 2million of her album so far. That is a hell of public love and hella lotta dollar. Yeezus, let Beck have his 300,000 sales and the award dude.