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Interview: The Bohicas

Thursday 19 February 2015

Last week Spindle had the pleasure of meeting up with The Bohicas ahead of their gig supporting Drenge on the NME Awards Tour. We sat on some park benches in the smoking area of The Dome at Tufnell Park and I offered Dominic to smell my scented gel pens but he said it was too soon.

We got to chat about The Bohicas new track and matching video titled ‘To Die For’ and their excitement for their headline tour this May, even if they did need a gentle reminder from their phones.

So how has your day been guys?

Dom John: Making sounds.
Dominic: We just had a practice.
Brendan: A lot of toing and froing for Ady.
Dominic: Einstein here climbs into the van without his bass.
Ady: I just forgot a lot of things.

At least it was only a minor thing…

Ady: Just a minor, tiny, little thing.
Brendan: I would love to see that pedometer today, 1000 miles an hour.

And you forgot it as you were coming to here?

Dominic: He walked into the van with just an amp and nothing else.
Ady: I left my bass at my friends house, then was had to go there and get it and then I forgot something else.
Brendan: He was working late last night.

So, let’s talk about the video for ‘To Die For’. What was the inspiration behind it and did any of you ever want to be a doctor?

Dom John: Hold on.
Brendan: I was going to train to be a doctor. I got about as far as picking up the scalpel…
Dominic: That video is his CV.
Brendan: But I gave it the dream really after AS levels in biology cause band ennit. A band is a lot more cool than a doctor.

So was that any influence on the video at all?

Dominic: No, it wasn’t. Me and my brother came up with it, we worked with a guy called Nathan to do the video. I just wanted it to be a party, by the time the guitar solo happens it’s all disco ball and stuff. I didn’t want to take it too seriously. Bit of fun.

The track has been played on loads of BBC platforms, and you did a live performance on BBC Radio 6 too. It must be great to have that support.

Dominic: It’s banging.
Brendan: He’s been lovely (Steve Lamacq at BBC Radio 6). He came to see us in Harlow, he’s been championing it.
Dominic: We did a tour of Essex, we did Southend, Harlow, Colchester and Canvey Island that was really good fun. We had it filmed so it would be a little short film made of it.

How was the tour?

Dominic: Perfect. It was really good. You just got to meet a load of people at these gigs.
Dom John: Yeah everyone was wicked.
Dominic: We couldn’t of asked for a better reception really. The support bands helped pack the crowds out as well, because you know, it’s not as if we’re a massive deal or anything. Everyone we met was just really encouraging. They were the right stages for us, because we haven’t got an album out or anything.

What can we expect from the show tonight? Playing any more new tracks?

Brendan: We’ll be playing mostly covers… (He was joking, obvs).
Dominic: We’re playing a half hour set tonight supporting Drenge.

Part of the NME Awards Tour too. 

Dominic: Yeah! And Austin, Texas. I looked at that and it looked like that was a band.

I did first think that too.

Dominic: Yeah, confusing. We promise not to be confusing tonight, down the line rock and roll.
Brendan: We’ll be doing all the more recent stuff, like The Swarm, To Die For, XXX.
Dominic: Something old, something new… Something borrowed.

What’s blue?

Dom John: Crush Me. That’s blue. It’s a blue song.
Dominic: Yeah there we go.

And you’re wearing a blue shirt now.

Dominic: But you’ll be taking that off won’t you. Yeah that’s what’s going to happen in the gig, nakedness.

The_Bohicas-1You’re first headline tour starts in May, where are you most excited to play?

Dominic: There’s a lot. We’re doing…

(Insert mind-blank pause, at which point they get up their schedule to refresh their memories).

Dom John: We’re definitely doing Leeds.
Dominic: It’s an extensive UK, two/three week tour. And it’s our first headline proper tour, Essex was like a mini tour. But this is going to be all over the UK, our own shows. I can’t wait. It’s hopefully going to have a single out around it, before it, after it, sort of thing, so there will be some buzz going on.
Dom John: I don’t think we’ve played any of those venue yet.
Dominic: Here we go here’s the list, Cambridge, Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester
Brendan: And we loved them all equally. No favouritism.

Loved? Past tense? It hasn’t even happened yet. You’re getting ahead of yourself.

Brendan: We will love them all equally.

Where are you most looking forward to then? Forget favouritism.

Ady: Manchester for me.
Dom John: Manchester is always good to play in.
Dominic: Glasgow.
Brendan: Glasgow is quite a good place.
Dominic: King Tuts will be good. Also Nottingham, bud, is that what I think it is?
Brendan: Where you got soaked?
Dominic: We did a gig…

Everyone bursts into laughter, must’ve been a good anecdote.

Dominic: We did a gig a while ago at Dot To Dot and we met another band called White Lung. We were hanging out with them and then they came to see us play. They innocently heckled or whatever and then down the mic I was making fun of them with an American accent, “oh hey, we’re White Lung”. And about a millisecond after doing an American accent I got about an inch worth of cider. It went fucking everywhere. I was like “alright, don’t worry”.

At least it was cider and nothing warmer.

Dominic: Something else that looks like cider.
Brendan: Yeah it looks like cider… It was probably cider.
Ady: We need to get them back.
Dominic: Definitely. I’m bringing gunge back.
Dom John: There was a bit of an “oo” from the crowd, I remember. I was like “hmm, next song”.
Dominic: She was well sorry though.
Brendan: She was like “I didn’t mean to do it that much”.
Dom John: She obviously meant to do it a little bit.


How do you think it varies from supporting other acts and being the headline act?

Dom John: I feel like some of the support shows that we’ve done, or people that have seen us play different festivals, I don’t know…
Dominic: It’ll be nice because, tonight is sold out but it’s for Drenge, and it’s their thing. It’ll be nice to do our own sellouts. Not to dismiss this because it’s a great opportunity. I can’t wait to do that though. Just to get out the house in the first place man. Cabin fever is driving me nuts.
Ady: And we’ll be playing longer as well, so there’s more to give.

You mentioned festivals, you’re playing The Great Escape in Brighton this summer?

Dom John: Hopefully we’ll playing this time (he says whilst staring at Ady). We picked Ady up.

Did you forget your bass again Ady?

Ady: not this time.
Dom John: We picked Ady up and he was coughing all the way there.
Ady: I was like throwing up and I had to bail at the last minute. I ended up in hospital. So I went to hospital and these guys got pissed.
Brendan: We were at the hospital at half one, two in the morning so pissed.
Ady: I was the most sober person in A&E.

So you actually got to Brighton…

Ady: Yeah we actually got here. It was like 20 minutes before we were meant to go on and I was throwing up like every minute. I was like if I go on stage now, I’m going to be sick on them.
Dom John: We were like we’ll gage it, because we wanted to play.
Ady: Well hopefully this year we’ll play and I wont throw up on anyone.

Although it’ll be quite funny if you do get sick again…

Dominic: You’ll play through it.

Where did you guys go in Brighton?

(There is silence as no one remembers).

Dominic: Ooooh.
Dom John: All I remember is the fish and chip shop.
Brendan: We went to see The Districts, we had a stroll down the sea front. We didn’t go anywhere near the pier because it was brutally cold.


Are you doing any other festivals this summer?

Dom John: Yesssss.
Dominic: We just don’t know what ones, there is a list but my phone is upstairs.
Dom John: Festival No 6, Primavera.
Brendan: Hopefully a lot in the UK and Europe, much like last year. Holland was great for festivals for us. It was very kind to us.
Dominic: We did London Calling, Down the Rabbit hole.
Brendan: Some really cool festivals. Was that the first or the second one? I remember because to one guy I was like “it’s the first one” and some guy instantly dismissed me like “don’t be stupid, they had one already”. It was a really cool festival though.
Dom John: There was one we did a day before Glastonbury right? Then we had a long drive.
Brendan: That journey was fucking horrible.
Dom John: It was like a 12 hour drive, or 16.
Dominic: That was bollocks.
Brendan: Trying to watch films on my phone to escape somewhere whilst I was crushed.
Ady: Falling asleep like a pretzel.
Brendan: Tickling behind my ears with my toes.

Festival travelling is horrible, but coming home is definitely the worst. I guess we’ll see you on a few stages this summer then. Exciting!