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Interview: Darlia

Thursday 26 February 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Spindle catch up lead singer of Darlia, Nathan Day. The guys were in Manchester, it was about four and Nathan was opening the blind although promised he hadn’t been asleep. They’ve just played a practically sold out tour and LP ‘Petals’ is available to buy now too.

We chat to Nathan about the new Darlia album, the big plans for a bigger album after festival season and what he says to the people chatting bull on Twitter. He admits that everywhere is the furthest place he’s ever been. He got spooked by noise mid way through, although I heard nothing, he reassured me “I’m definitely not hearing things because I test that all the time”. Good to know Nathy.

I’ve been listening to Chain Daisy today, those lyrics… “Let’s play a game it’s called ‘fuck off’ and maybe you can go first. I’m really sorry, didn’t mean it, yes I meant it of course”. They’re great.

That was fun. Do you know what that was about? Those lyrics? It was basically, I know people go “oh don’t fucking listen to what people say on Twitter and stuff”. And they go “oh you actually your name?” I go, “yes I fucking do search Darlia and yes I do see stupid fucking people talking ridiculously”.

And that song is to those people?


And it’s not on the upcoming album is it? Is it one you’ve written before?

Nope, that one was just, actually that came about because I was recording a demo of something and as I was recording it that little line came in my head. So I just recorded that really quickly and put it on youtube without any sense of authority, I just put it on. It wasn’t really planned at all.

Speaking of album, Petals is out in less than two weeks now. Are you excited for that to be out there?

Well I’m excited that we’re not just churning out another EP because I was always against them, they’re tedious and boring. But it’s just a necessity. You have to release an EP because how else are you going to release your music out to people, for them to get used to your songs, without having to put an album out. I never wanted to put out an album when we’re a small band, I want it to be big. This mini album is a little, it’s paving the way for when the full album come out.

When does the full album come out?

That’ll be after festival season this year.

How did you find the time to complete Petals when you were touring and festival gigging so much last year?

Yeah, good question, basically it wasn’t much of a plan really. It was like a proposition and we all felt the same way. It’s a collection of things that have been recorded before and then we obviously recorded stuff in preparation for the mini album. It was more of a collection, it’s a compilation of songs. I wrote all of them when I was a lot younger.

The reason why we’re so altered for the main album is, when I first started the band and I had an idea of what I wanted album one to be in the context of. And they’re all ready up until album 7 or 8. The idea that I had for album 1 sort of changed, so rather than get rid of the songs we thought, let’s just put something out that isn’t an EP.

You’re playing to a sold out London gig next Tuesday as part of the NME awards show tour, that’s amazinggg.

It’s still amazing, we don’t take any of that for granted, we’re not arseholes about it. We don’t just sit back and expect things like that. We’re really grateful that that has happened. Also, it elevates a lot of pressure because when we first started, we’re talking about when we were fucking cleaners, and we had no money and we were playing shows.

Literally as soon as we were played on Radio 1 and we had a little tour, I heard people saying “you’ve been on Radio 1 today, you’ve been on Radio 1 today”. It was our first tour ever and we hadn’t even existed for a few weeks and we were playing this tour. There’s so much pressure for people to be there. You sort of feel like you’ve let people down. But the next time we played it got really full, well half full. And this time some are sold out and the others have a handful left so they should sell out on the door.

Are you going to be playing any acoustic stuff like chain daisy on tour? Because there’s another acoustic song on your album too, pandemonium?

There’s no plan for acoustic on stage, but what tends to happen is the crowd is so rowdy, they’re just right in your face. I don’t want to just stand there and do a Jake Bugg. What we’re sometimes do after the show, like if you go for a cig after the show, I just get out my guitar.

Have you got a fave thing about being on tour?

Basically, ill be completely honest, when we very first started everywhere we were going was the furthest place I’ve ever been. We went to Brighton and I was like this is the furthest I’ve ever been. Weirdly, I had this odd acrophobic experience that if there wasn’t an easy route home, like I’ve always had this it’s really odd, if there isn’t an easy way out of anything I just get really flustered. It’s a horrible feeling of panic. So anyway, everywhere where we were going was really new and actually quite hard for me and then we went to Australia and it was a complete head fuck for me. I just could not grasp how I’m actually functioning, how I was doing it. But now, I don’t know what’s happened, it’s been the past few months and I just don’t think about anything like that anymore.

The funny thing is, it feels like a circus freak show going from the top of the country to the bottom of the country. Have you seen It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? (I haven’t) It’s so fucking funny, but it’s like that show where everything you do is just so fucking fun. Like even if it’s just stopping and going to the services, something always happens and it’s just really fun.

And you’ve just announced your biggest headline show for may at the electric ballroom. Have you got any dream venues?

Yeah, have we announced that?

Well I think so, because I know.

Do you know what’s funny, we were all just having a cig in the living room and I think it was a poster came out and we were like okay we’re playing the Electric fucking Ballroom then.

What, you didn’t know?!

We sort of kind of know, and then we see a poster and we’re like I guess that is happening then. I love that. I’ve heard all about the Electric Ballroom though. We’ve done the classic Barfly when we first started. Then it escalated, we were at Koko recently.

That was for Halloween wasn’t it?

Yeah. To be honest, if anybody knew how drunk I was I would be having some serious sit down meetings with some serious people if they knew how drunk. Honest to God, I can’t remember what I was wearing. The thing is though, when you look to your left and you see Dave, the bass player, in full drag, how are you not going to get really drunk?

That sounds like a situation that can only be solved by beer. Have you got any other dream venues?

What’s the capacity of Brixton? Because I’ve heard that name all the time.

Also, is it true you went to your first festivals last year when you played at string of festivals last summer? Because I read that but I find it so hard to believe?

Yeah completely. Everything that we’ve done was the first time I’ve done it.

Did you enjoy them?

There’s definitely like a routine that happens at festivals. When you get there, you bump into other bands that you kind of know and you see really big bands in the catering area and then you take all the food from catering back to your area and you sit back and think about all these famous and really big bands that you’ve heard of from when you were a little kid. Then you play.

And finally, do you have some weird thing about The Chuckle Brothers? I’ve seen them pop up in quite a few places on your guys’ social media accounts…

Oh my god yes. That started off as like an in joke that got out of hand and it escalated to a well known guilty pleasure and then it escalated into a lifestyle. It just started as a little joke because we find them so diabolical. We reference them all the time. We were getting asked “what’s your main influence?” and we would say “have you heard of The Chuckle Brothers?”.

To me, to you.

You can see Darlia live at The Electric Ballroom on May 6th.