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Interview: Ghetts

Tuesday 17 February 2015
Words Ailis Mara

After years in the game, Ghetts still remains humble in himself and in his music, and this last year couldn’t have been a better year for the MC veteran. Having stretched his musical capability and proving why he is so much more than ‘just a grime artist’.

Ghetts released his brilliantly crafted debut album Rebel With A Cause earlier this year, and surprised everyone. Fusing together grime and rock melodies to create a thought provoking sound. He truly demonstrates his growth as a artist and his transition through the grime industry.

Spindle catches up with the MC for a chat before his shoot to talk career growth, tour news and who he is really listening to in his car.

Over the years you’ve changed your stage name as your career has developed, how does J. Clarke as a name represent you and your music today?

Clarke is my real name and, as a person who wears their heart on their sleeve, I’ve gone back to the person I was as a child. In my music J. Clarke digs a lot deeper to the core and that’s why right now I am J. Clarke.

‘Ghetto’ was the earliest stage of your career, what did that name portray to you at the time?

Ghetto’s music was more obnoxious and arrogant. At times I can still be that person.

You’ve been on the road on your sold out three date mini-tour with your live band The Rebels, how was that for you?

The Rebel tour was sick, just to see the core fans come out, it’s always a pleasure to see people sing your songs back to you that you’ve worked so hard on writing. Seeing what songs they connect with the most is definitely an eye opener.

Rebel With A Cause has been your most successful album to date, why do you think that is?

I really think its because the market connected with the people this time, there was definitely that connection there with this album.

What artist are you rating at the moment, and who would you love to collaborate with that would shock your fans?

FKA Twigs, she’s sick, her albums in my car now.






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