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Competition for Budding Producers: Toddla T & Roses Gabor ‘Pandora’s Box’

Monday 23 September 2013

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Words Alice Bell

Toddla T and Roses Gabor are calling on fans and budding producers to get creative and remix their latest track – Pandora’s Box (BACARDÍ Beginnings) – for a chance to win a production masterclass with the renowned DJ and producer himself. In a unique creative twist to standard single releases, the two artists released their latest track solely via the power of social media for the second BACARDÍ® Beginnings creative project titled ‘Beats Per Minute’.

As part of the BACARDÍ Beginnings music mentoring programme that pushes the boundaries of music releases, on 4 September at 7pm, only the first beat of the track was released online. With each ‘tweet’ on Twitter and Facebook ‘like’ the track received, more of the track became available to listen to, until it was released entirely. Using only the power of social media, fans helped to unlock the entire track in under an hour.

Pandora’s Box (BACARDÍ Beginnings) is aimed straight at the dance floor and features Toddla T’s classic dynamic production with a blinding 303 bassline, layered with Roses Gabor’s smooth vocals. Listen to the fully unlocked track HERE.

Now the remix competition is wide open. Aspiring DJs, experienced producers and novices alike can take the stems, push their own creative boundaries, and create their own interpretation of the track. The winner of the remix competition will be chosen by Toddla T. The winner’s prize will include a production masterclass in the studio with Toddla T, remix equipment and, finally, the winning track will be played at the next BACARDÍ Beginnings event. Fans can listen to and remix the track at Bacardi.