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Introducing: Asylums

Monday 16 February 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Here’s something that will help you to wake this Monday, whether it’ll be because of the thunderous drums, whirling guitars or the lead singer’s, Luke Branch, slightly aggressive vocals I’m not too sure. But here we have Asylums, they’re like a pure punk lolly with a gooey pop center for enjoyment purposes.

Asylums have a real DIY essence about them, and one would assume most of that derives from working and releasing music from their own music label, Cool Thing Records. Their ethos is to make their mark the traditional way, whilst keeping the chaos at an all time high.

Chaos which we see in ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’, the title track from their debut EP of the same name that is to be released on February 23rd. You know the feeling where your heart beats a little faster and you’re not too sure why? You get that from Asylums. Maybe it’s excitement, maybe it’s nerves, maybe it’s just heartburn. But you’ll find out one way or another.

See them live for their EP launch at The Market Place, Southend On Sea on Feb 27th. They’re also playing Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London on March 4th and Scala, London on April 15th.