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Monday 16 February 2015
Words Ailis Mara

When you think crystal-encrusted, fluro colour schemes and luxury jewellery design you don’t necessarily associate that with “I F****** love MAWI”, yet that is exactly what is plastered across this brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. And it’s f****** fantastic.

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MAWI’s SS15 campaign is cheeky and a little bit risqué, yet it works in some sort of weird juxtaposing harmony. Covering the images of the SS15 pieces is graffiti pop art inspired by the street artists of the 1980s, who vandalised blank spaces with brash slogans and childlike doodles. Bringing these 1980s inspirations to 2015 and merging the gritty past of this artistic outlet with bright and beautiful roses, jewel encrusted bugs and spikes galore puts a futuristic feel of this campaign inspired by the past.

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A punky English rose is the jewellery stand for MAWI’s whimsical SS15 designs and the background for tongue in cheek slogans plastered on lips and dresses. The scribbles around gemstones, the exaggerated eyebrows and love hearts added in haphazard positions are doodles that echo street art and graffiti found on the streets of London, where the brand now calls home.

As a luxury designer, MAWI’s aim is to create ornamental pieces that will long outlive the season in which they were launched. Long f****** live MAWI SS15.

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